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Nov. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Full episode of "Bloomberg West." Guests: The Weinstein Company Co-Chairman Harvey Weinstein; American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten; Movable Ink CEO Vivek Sharma and Bloomberg’s Matt Miller and Ari Levy. (Source: Bloomberg)

Live from pier 3 in san francisco, welcome to the early edition of "bloomberg west." i am jon erlichman.

Our focus is on innovation, technology, and the future of business.

The brand-new xbox is on sale.

Fans are lined up to get their hands on the first new console and eight years.

Will it top the new playstation 4? a bloomberg west exclusive -- i talk to harvey weinstein about the film he thinks could be a big winner this award season.

And why he is not interested in making traditional movies for netflix.

And buying the sacramento kings and stopping steve ballmer's bid to take the team to seattle.

It is all part of our series, tech in the game.

First, microsoft xbox one went on sale last night.

Fans lined up across the country.

Outside at the store in times square, big trucks delivered the consuls to excited consumers.

It is not just the gamers they are targeting, it is marketing the xbox one as a living room set top box.

It will control the tv.

The release comes one week after sony debuted its playstation 4 and sold more than one billion units -- one million units in the first 24 hours.

Matt, you have been there most of the day.

What are you seeing in terms of the interest?

Most of the interest in early sales were between 12:00 and four -- 4:00 a.m. i have been playing video games since 5:00 this morning.

I think the interesting thing is what you hit on.

This is their bid to go beyond the gamer and get into the living room.

I have put caps on this thing.

I can watch a whole season of the nfl.

I can watch espn streaming whenever i want to.

It is going further than the playstation 4 as something that you need to have in your living room.

It can work with your tv seamlessly.

I am not sure about the game level, which one is better.

I only played playstation 4 for a few hours.

It is interesting.

When you do beyond the debate of what you want to buy, if you are into these kinds of things, the sony product or the microsoft run it -- you get into a interesting debate on the corporation.

Should microsoft keep the xbox division or should it sell it off?

Analyst has suggested that they spin off the xbox division.

It took a loss in the first quarter of about $1 billion.

Here's guessing based on that.

It will generate profit later.

They will reward microsoft for doing that.

Steve ballmer, who has apparently taken a lot of advice from alan mulally and his one forts try to he is providing the same for microsoft.

Where previously developers had walt this off from the rest of the windows ecosystem and the rest of the company, they are all working together.

There is a palpable windows feel to this.

You can switch around and it feels like windows eight smartphones.

I am impressed by your ability to do your report while you are on the race track.

Have you seen the first fires western mark the first -- the first fires are the gamers.

Our people are going to be blogging about you like and do not like.

What is your favorite?

For the gamers, it matters which games are exclusive to the consul.

-- consul.

-- console.

People sort of lineup along the lines of chevy and ford.

Once you pick one faction, you stay with that.

It is hard to move you back and forth.

As far as the other games, the biggest titles are playable on both consuls.

Call of duty is massive -- or grand theft auto.

They sold $800 million worth of copies in one day.

They are not playable on the new consoltees, so that is just how much money they are willing to spend.

Best buy is going to make a killing, no matter which one you choose.

They are profiting either way on the sales.

This is a $500 investment.

The playstation4 is a $400 investment.

These come with 500 gigabytes of hard drive.

A lot of people will download games over the internet and they will not leave the house at all.

Working hard for the sake of gamers everywhere.

Thank you.

Another big release last night that we want to tell you about -- the latest iphone models went on sale in brazil.

The prices are getting more attention than the products.

They are $850 in the u.s.. even the less expensive five c -- brazil is the most expensive country in the world to buy the product.

Taxes and tariffs drive the prices.

Brazilian carriers do not usually offer subsidies.

For more on apple, we are joined by ari leavy.

Tell us about the importance.

Here's the obvious importance.

It is a developing market.

An improving economy.

There are more subtle explanations.

There is a lot of venture money pouring into brazil.

Investors would love to be able to build apple devices.

In order to do that, they have to have access.

They have to have a ready market of buyers.

They are willing to develop apps for people in other countries, but we are talking about language issues and e-commerce.

It is country by country.

You want to be developing for the brazilian people.

You have that story happening.

Meanwhile, this long battle between apple and samsung is resulting in apple having a big wooden.

-- win.

This is tied to their fight over patents.

What can you tell us?

The number was reduced this year by 40%. much of that was restored.

Of the 400 or so million, 290 million was restored.

This was apple going back to the original playbook and saying that samsung did infringe on these patents.

The number came down because of a technicality, and accounting issue.

Apple was like, let's go back in with the same game plan.

We can get this money back.

This is a global legal battle between these two companies.

What does this mean in the context of apple versus samsung around the world?

We know that samsung is willing to take on apple in court.

They have proven that.

Much of apple's defensiveness is that they are going to have to take on samsung, but who else will be willing to step up to the plate?

Is anyone else willing to fork over that kind of capital?

If they can make it a two horse race, that is a huge win for apple.

A lot to watch for.

Re:ari levy with the latest.

Harvey weinstein is adding big on a film about nuns -- nelson mandela.

We will have an exclusive interview.

You are watching bloomberg tv.

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? this is "bloomberg west." i am jon erlichman.

Harvey weinstein is one of the best-known filmmakers.

He is cochair of the weinstein company.

His movies are often oscar favorites.

He is gearing up for the release of his latest film on nelson mandela's autobiography.

Material from the film is being made available to high school students.

I spoke exclusively to weinstein and the president of the american generation of teachers and started by asking why the goal of this project was to do more than just make a movie.

Take a look.

This movie is about leadership.

We needed in this country.

It is also about bipartisanship.

People working together.

This movie inspires me to do things that i never would've done.

I have been a democrat all my life.

I have fought against the koch brothers.

I invited them to come to a screening and said let's put down our weapons.

Let's leave this country the right way.

Forgive us for our trespasses and try to work.

Do not give it -- it may wrong.

I do not make boring movies are educational films.

You are inspired by seeing this movie, but it plays like an action movie and there is a great love story.

This is somebody that you know.

That's that make you more passionate?


Also, because i knew that we could do things like keep the flaws -- not glorified like auntie.

-- ghandi.

He regrets to this day that it is in the movie.

He was a bit of a womanizer.

He regrets it to this day.

All of that is in there.

He is not a saint.

He is a human being.

He is the first to tell you that.

People get to that place where they can do so much good and inspire others.

How important is it for a new film or material from a new film to make its way to a classroom?

That is one of the things that should really make its way to the classroom.

In terms of education these days, how will you get kids?

Will kids feel inspired by something?

Then it creates a path to more engagement and more thought.

They see that education is the pathway to something, not something to run away from.

What i love about education and film and particularly about what harvey weinstein does is that he inspires and teaches at the same time.

In a way that people are riveted.

I sat through the film with our kids today.

You could not hear of pin drop.

You could not see anybody texting or doing any of that.

The kids were riveted by the film.

The message of the film -- there were many of them there.

I take engagement, inspiration as a vehicle for teaching and learning any day of the week.

At this time of year, it always seems like there are a lot of award contenders in the mix.

This is no exception.

Easier said than done, however.

You make it look pretty easy.

What is that process like?


An attempt at it.

You try to drive yourself and the people you work with.

I just think that, for us, the awards are a way of getting publicity to movies that deserve it.

Tomorrow night, movies will open.

I saw the new "hunger games" -- it is good.

Really good, in fact.

People will flock to that.

I understand that.

It is a way of putting the light on films that are not as commercial, as they say.

I am telling you, i will put this movie against any other movie.

You can hear a pin drop.

It is inspirational.

The president and the first lady has seen this at a white house screening.

Colin powell has seen this.

John mccain has seen it.

Doesn't help when -- for a partnership like this, when people in washington are very aware of the film?

Yes, of course it helps.

We want to teach washington some lessons about how you actually create movements and fight for what is right.

You do it in a way that you have long-term opportunity, equality, and democracy.

Underlying this great, fast action love story, is a message that is not only about leadership, but about how you move into a direction about coming together.

Yesterday, we had john mccain, colin powell, and hillary clinton on the same stage.

Two republicans and one very famous democrat.

You could see the friendliness.

The movie brought them together.

Not to say that this is the only thing that could bring them together.

That is what we're going to walk that appear with.

Our kids are learning something about leadership.

He for gave those people.

27 years in prison and he walked out and for gave them.

That is what we have to do.

We have to move on and forget.

Let's forgive each other and start fresh.

I watched these two republicans and a democrat on stage and i said wow, this is the beginning.

This is going to happen.

What about a film like this in the context of hollywood?

You hear about big cutbacks at the studios, does that create a challenge?

Or is it an opportunity?

It is a challenge and an opportunity.

Making movies with this kind of subject matter is about what people perceive.

That is what we do in our company.

We defy gravity.

We have these movies do well.

It is important that they do well.

We can make commercial movies as well as anybody else.

When you see "the king's speech" or a movie that deals with issues -- we're pretty good, but i like when we turn our attention to these things.

One final question.

The moviegoing experience is changing.

You have a partnership with netflix.

They have said they would love to get into making original movies.

Have you spoken with them at all about that possibility?

They have been a great partner.

They are so supportive.

We are not making movies with anybody.

I grew up in a movie theater and i plan to continue to be inside a movie theater.

That is a good place as far as i'm concerned.

I protect the great communal experience of watching movies in the dark with strangers.

We become friends.

Ellis harvey weinstein, chairman of the weinstein company.

The newest hunger games film -- harvey mentioned it.

It is in theater this weekend.

It is catching fire and that is next on "bloomberg west." you are watching bloomberg tv.

We are streaming live on your phone, tablet, and

? this is the early edition of "bloomberg west." you can also catch us at 6:00 eastern.

The latest "hunger games" movie is off to a fast start.

At advanced screenings last night, the film hits most theaters today.

They are hoping the successful also fire up interest in what could be its next big franchise.

The 75th hunger games!

Most new films can only hope to have this much buzz.

The first "hunger games" film generated a lot of money at the box office.

Investors took notice.

Since its release, lions gate's stock has risen.

This will be a big deal for us this year.

It has been a major part of their franchise over the years.

The success could bring in $160 million in its domestic debut.

Exceeding the first film's opening weekend.

Lions gate executives say it will outperform overseas.

It is opening in 50 markets, including 3000 screens in china.

This is not real.

Lions gate is also hoping to drum up buzz for its next big franchise, audiences will see a film for the upcoming -- a preview of the upcoming film "divergent." they would like to develop a second one.

There is money left to make, with films coming in november 2015. they will be based on the hunger games books.

There is a clothing line from the costume designer.

Investors are exploring the idea of a team park.

-- theme parks.

Let it fly.

It has already taken in 28% more than the original "hunger games." time now for on the markets.

Olivia sterns is in new york.

What is going on?

Stocks are climbing.

The dow and the s&p 500 once again -- reaching record high territory.

Up by about 20 points.

The s&p 500 is up by six points.

They are posting the seventh straight weekly gain.

That is the longest weekly winning streak in several years.

They are making the best performer among benchmark industries.

Things are moving higher in biotech.

Two other stocks we want to highlight, the first is aruba networks.

Chairs have been jumping since february.

They reported earning that topped expectations.

The price target is $24. we are also watching stores.

The retailer reported sales that missed analyst x fixations -- expectations.

They did raise their guidance, but not by as much as it was estimated.

We will be back on the market than 30 minutes.

More "bloomberg west" after the break." . ? this is the early edition of "bloomberg west." i am jon erlichman.

Now for your top headlines.

A roof collapse at a supermarket and lot via killed at least 48 people and injured dozens more.

There was dust and rubble at the store today.

Crews are searching for survivors.

They made need 24 hours to work their way through the debris.

Unemployment rate fell in 28 states.

Payrolls increased.

That was reported today.

Nevada still has the highest unemployment rate at more than nine percent.

North dakota has the lowest at 2.7%. comcast is weighing a bid for time warner cable.

The move would disrupt efforts by rival charter communications.

Charter is looking to make a bid of its own and is said to be in discussions with banks.

Twitter has been a public company for just over two weeks.

Shares are up 15% from its closing price on the first day of trading.

Excitement surrounding the public release dies down -- investors are waiting to see their growth and how it compares to other heavyweights like a spoke.

The facebook and twitter battle was discussed with our partners.

Here is more of what roger mcnamee had to say.

Facebook has a totally different opportunity.

It is much more deeply embedded in the lives of their users.

There are one billion people who go there.

No, they are spending more time with it.

Twitter -- what is powerful that it has captured the imagination of the television industry in a way that is valuable.

It is still not a product that people run their lives on.

Facebook has been very slow to get mobilized.

They have broken the code there.

It is shocking that they went public with no mobile revenues.

Now it is gigantic.

Unbelievable, right?

They have not begun on instagram yet.

They paid a lot for instagram and it still has no revenue associated with that.

I suspect they will get that figured out.

As a shareholder, i own it personally -- i believe strongly that we have no access to companies.

I look at it and had deeply embedded it is.

They can sell an ad every hundred -- that is huge business.

Is the volume on instagram that they?

It is everywhere.

I am a geek.

It is also instrumental -- incremental.

The key question for me is, what does facebook have to do to grow?

It needs to do the same things that it is doing, a little better every corner.

What is twitter have to do?

They have to take a product that has not been upgraded in five years and make it a suitable advertising platform.

You could argue that they have both in big integers.

-- game changers.

It is very hard to monetize.

I am a huge fan of twitter's product.

I am concerned about it as a stock until we get past the ipo trading.

What about snap chat?

There are reports that facebook offered an incredible amount -- $3 billion for snap chat.

Twitter offered more -- google offered more.

Do you think they could actually realize more than $3 billion in value?

It is a tough call.

That never stops you from answering a question.

Never in doubt, certainly not.

That is a lot of money to turn down.

The only time in my life i have been a part of the company it turned down like that was facebook.

The venture capitalist tried to sell it to microsoft for $1 billion.

It did not have revenue.

Imagine what a tragedy that would've been.

I'm sure that is what the snap chat people are looking at.

It is a very different kind of product.

I do not know.

I love the energy and focus -- the notion that they believe that much.

That is why silicon valley is great.

People have rejected these ideas.

It is their business.

They are entitled to do whatever they want.

Mark zuckerberg trolled -- turned down $1 billion.

He was right.

I am not in the demographic, so i will not pretend that i can tell you whether this is a deep enough product.

This is aimed at people younger than i am.

That was our elevation partner, roger mcnamee.

Silicon valley does not just invest in tech companies, we are going to bring a look at the new owners of the sacramento kings.

Our series tech in the game -- you are watching bloomberg tv.

We are streaming live on your phone, tablet, and

? welcome back.

I am jon erlichman.

Simple is good.

He is best known as apple's design guru.

They're coming out with new products like the iphone, ipad, and ipod.

We spoke with charlie rose about their philosophy.

The simplicity is refining and being able to define the essence of what something does.

Therefore, you understand what it is.

And what it does.

Simplicity, for us, is not just the absence -- it is not just stuff that is not there.

It is tremendous gravity.

To trying to find that very simple solution.

And you can watch all of his interview with jony ive tonight at 8:00 and 10:00 eastern.

Now to our series tech in the game.

530 $4 million is how much money the sacramento kings were sold for six months ago.

Steve ballmer wanted to buy the team and move them to seattle, but another group of tech execs went out.

Our cory johnson has this look at the tech kings of the court.

The national basketball association is right for tech patent team owners.

Ted leonsis wizards.

And now vivek owns the sacramento kings.

When i look at basketball, i think of it more as a social network.

He is hoping they will turn around the franchise.

He is not going alone.

These are truly smart people.

Smart people like the qualcomm ceo.

A supermarket mogul.

24-hour fitness mogul and former facebook executive -- we have the most patents.

He also brought in a dream team or.

Nba hall of famer chris mullin is his personal advisor.

He has a lot of money.

A lot of these guys are successful.

They have money, they have passion.

The kings pose a tough business problem.

Smaller market town, just eight winning seasons -- last seasons was the lowest in the league.

One of the biggest tech titans of all, steve ballmer tried to swoop in and buy them to move the franchise to seattle.

This group partnered with the city of sacramento to come up with incredible real estate and a dead deal that kept the team in california.

Everything i have, i owe to this city.

His company makes analytics software.

They help companies to understand their data.

I have also created a mission, just like they have with my day job.

We want to build a big franchise.

We will enhance the lights.

We want to make the world a better place.

It is a shot a dream teamer thinks he can accomplish.

Openness, hard work, fun -- i have a vision.

Cory johnson, bloomberg, sacramento, california.

We want to take you to some images now.

The internal flame at arlington national cemetery.

This is the 50th anniversary of the assassination of jfk.

You can see that people have gathered there to remember.

We know that people are also gathering in dallas today.

We will have more coverage.

Remembering jfk throughout the day here on bloomberg television.

This is "bloomberg west." mark zuckerberg has wrapped up his 24-hour dreamer hackathon where the coders were undocumented immigrants.

He gave the winners a grab bag of tech goodies.

Bluetooth speakers -- before the hackathon began, he spoke about how important he thinks immigration is to the u.s. this is one of the biggest civil rights issues of our time.

It makes me proud of the community i am a part of, that it was so easy to rally the leaders to support this effort.

Along with zuckerberg, former groupon ceos were also in attendance.

With the holiday season, retailers are busy trying to get your attention.

Brands ranging from saks fifth avenue to american eagle are using big data it do it.

A company called movable inc.

Allows them to base their e- mails on the time of day and what the weather's like.

We are with the cofounder and ceo.

You are supporting your november mustache.

We have been very supportive of all of our clients, going be up -- above and beyond.

There are a lot of mustaches in our office.

Let's talk about your company.

It is rare to come across someone who makes me say yes, i am so excited to read this.

You are trying to change the thinking on e-mails.

The tragedy has been that e- mail marketing is that pace with what is happening in the rest of the world.

If you look at e-mails today, they are similar to circulars you make it in your mailbox.

You look like catalogs that were scanned and sent out.

E-mail marketing has evolved slowly.

It has gone to some amount of segmentation -- big data and predictive analytics.

What we are moving to next is actuality-based marketing.

That is the reality of when you are, where you are, and the weather outside.

Facebook and twitter are trying to give you relative -- relevant advertising.

You get relevant sales for companies.

How do you go about, in this e- mail technology, how do you go about giving retailers the ability to change what is in an e-mail up to one second before you click on the e-mail?


Have you seen the harry potter movies?

The newspaper changes content.

One of our customers pointed out that it looks like it is.

Potter on your e-mail marketing campaign.

That is what movable ink is.

This is agile marketing.

The ability to personalize e- mail when it is open and repurpose content.

It is the ability to optimize content in the campaign.

The audience can tell you it is working more effectively.

Lastly, to contextually understand how your customers -- what time they open campaigns.

Can you give us an idea of how successful it retailer might be question mark --? let's take movember, for example.

They are promoting the mobile app.

This promotion only shows up when you open the e-mail on an iphone.

The action calls for you to download the app and engage with in there.

We know the e-mail services would be a great example.

They are trying to address the issue of separating out e-mails to people -- that people might not want.

How has that affected this world be no marketing?

This is one of the great debates.

One of the much debated things is the promotion tab in your gmail box.

It is timeshifting your behavior.

People may open that e-mail the next day or three days later or one week later.

It is a hard-fought battle to get that open.

It is very open to have real -- important to have real-time observation.

Let's talk about real-time examples.

Would we talk about cyber monday -- say you are thinking about sending out an e-mail to a specific type of person.

How do you decide the timing of it?

How does that all play out?

One of the nice things is that you don't have to determine the time that someone opened the campaign.

Radioshack is a great example.

They ran a campaign last year, when there were 24 deals in 24 hours.

Depending on the time you opened that e-mail, you got a completely different offer.

You would be motivated to come back and revisit that e-mail for a new offer.

You have been successful in raising money.

Tell us about financially, what happens with your business?

How do you make money?

Are you are profitable company?

We have quadrupled the number of employees that we have.

We started with 12 people and ended with 50. we have 110 fortune brands using us today.

We are seeing leading brands, blue-chip brands who are adopting marketing practices in a big way.

At busy holiday season ahead for sure.

Ceo of movable ink.

More "bloomberg west" head.

? welcome back.

I am jon erlichman.

Coming up, at 6:00 eastern, spotify has raised financing.

They have raised their valuation to more than $4 trillion.

What could this mean?

I will be speaking with pandora's chief investment officer.

That is at 3:00 pacific.

It is 56 past the hour, which means that bloomberg television is on the markets.

Olivia sterns has the market story.

Thank you so much.

Stocks are at a high right now.

The dow is holding on, up by nine points.

The nasdaq is up by about your team point.

We're keeping an ion some commodities.

Sugars have fallen to the lowest in two months.

Global stockpiles will rise to 44 million tons.

Reduction outpaces consumption.

We are watching gold futures.

They are trading flat today.

They were beaten since january.

Investors dump gold in favor of equities.

One investors holding back on his bets on gold for now.

Paulson has said he will not add to his struggling gold fund after losing 63%. from his retreat, i am joined with kelly.

What changed his view?

His view has taken a step back from his recent comments.

He said in the beginning of last year that gold was his best long-term that.

Now, after incredible losses in the fund and gold futures and gold stocks, he is saying he will not add any more.

He will maintain his option and let them roll often expire.

There is a big change in the tone he is taken.

He has staked a lot in this bat.

It is startling.

He was always saying i am along with gold.

He was holding on.

Based on what the analysts speak to, gold is on track to post its first decline in 13 years.

Was this the right move?

It does seem like it is in tone with what a lot of investors are saying.

A lot of analyst are very bearish.

Gold is on its way to its first drop in 13 years.

A lot of hedge fund managers have been measuring back their bets.

It is in line with what others are thinking.

Paulson seems to be coming onto that bandwagon now.

Still, it has to hurt.

Gold is down to $370 million.

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