Fans Flock to Florida for Spring Training

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March 24 (Bloomberg) -- Michael McKee reports on Major League Baseball’s spring training in Florida and Arizona on Bloomberg Television's “In The Loop.”(Source: Bloomberg)

They definitely come.

Ends of thousands of fans flock every year to spring training sites, and their dollars are the prize in the arms race that is putting cities in deep hock.

In tampa, they built a $40 million copy of the original yankee stadium.

The yankees pay only $100,000 per year plus stadium operating expenses.

The stadium, a gift from hillsboro county to the team.

An economist studied this and said florida, where the yankees came from, where the economy declines -- the yankees get to keep the parking revenue, the ticket revenue, the concession revenue, the ad revenue, even luxury suite revenue.

What happens, the county does not get a lot of benefit about it -- out of it and this is money they could spend improving other parts of the county.

One of the reasons it happens is the teams are getting these deals from the cities.

The red sox, welcome to jetblue park, $100 million of ballpark facilities built by lee county.

Even a county of danish -- even a copy of the green monster at fenway park at this park.

The red sox say only half $1 million a year in rent -- the red sox pay only $500,000 a year in rent.

It is a sweet deal for them, and they can only hope that it continues for a while.

Why make that kind of deal?

Well, the people here say it is a good deal because the facilities are paid for by bed taxes.

Tourists pay a tax when they come to town and they can lure more tourists into town.

Economists say those figures are probably exaggerated, and they also have to pay the operating expenses of the park.

It is still controversial, but lee county is all in.

They have a third stadium in town that is not used by anybody at the moment.

They are trying to get a team in there.

Mike mckee, how is the weather down there?

It might rain today.

We are worried about it, but i cannot complain.

It is 71 degrees.

It is what in new york now, trish?

They are talking about another nor'easter.

We don't even want to go there.

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