Facebook Readies `Boot Camp’ for Small Business

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May 7 (Bloomberg) -- Facebook will host a series of “boot camp-style events” for small business owners to discuss how small business owners can use Facebook for marketing. Facebook Diector of Small Business Dan Levy speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Basically, a full-court -- you are going personally out there to hold these boot camp style seminars.

Thank you for having me.

Great to be back.

We are hosting a series of five small business events around the country.

It will be great to meet small business owners in their towns and communities.

You can think of this like a boot camp, a chance to get your business is in shape, whether you're just getting started or looking to add more expertise.

We will work to help them understand how to grow their business, especially on mobile, and grow and benefit their communities.

What are the things you are telling them?

We are helping them to grow.

What can they do to grow their business.

One of the big things they ask is, how can i work on mobile?

We think facebook is one of the best solutions for businesses on mobile devices.

Whether you are trying to reach a billion people were small business owner who is out on the go.

We know small business owners are looking for simple for simple and effective solutions.

With that is what we will be focused on.

, scan a face with rage help a small business.

It is a more limited audience.

Billions of people on facebook.

Small business centers tell us facebook could be a really effective place to grow their business.

We had our first small business council and we heard stories from all types of industries about how facebook help them grow their business, whether getting them off the ground or to take it to a home new rep -- whole new level.

This give you the inspiration to do these boot camps around the country.

It did.

One of the things they told us that was remarkable and we do not understand was how many of them were teaching folks in their own local communities.

I will give one example.

There was a guy i know for about two years and he runs an entertainment center in ohio.

Seen 75 entertainment.

He is launching his business using facebook as his exclusive marketing channel.

People in ohio started to come to them and say, you have been successful.

Teachers what you did on facebook.

He started teaching classes at his facility.

That became the inspiration for us and many other small it -- small business owners to see if you could get out in the community and teach people, how much you can help them.

Are you expecting the businesses to buy ads?

We learn a lot from small business owners.

We sit in silken valley and look at a lot of data every day.

Meeting people face-to-face and hearing how you can change their lives is meaningful.

This facebook event is really inspired by small business owners.

We can help them grow and that will return to facebook as well and help us grow.

We only a paid and make money when they're willing to invest were not.

We will see our growth grow.

You're doing this partnership with square.

I know jack has done a similar and at square.

He went to detroit and st.


Jack and mark are friendly.

How did the partnership come about?

The companies were inspired by small businesses.

They talked about payments and financial management and legal information.

Those are the partners we sought out for this event and they're the ones that will help small businesses grow as much as they can.

What are the business -- biggest mistakes?

Small business centers, when they try to think of it as a social marketing solution as opposed to a marketing solution.

Fit is about helping you grow your business and achieve business objectives.

That means getting people to come into the door and bring the cap treasure.

People focus on trying to make the posts go viral.

They focus on the wrong thing sometimes.

A picture of a pretty puppy or a dog on their page when they're trying to communicate who they are as a business.

We think facebook is a real marketing solution that will help you achieve your objectives, not just a social marketing solution.

You guys are getting out

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