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August 28 (Bloomberg) -- Porter Bibb, Managing Partner at Mediatech Capital Partners, discusses the outlook for streaming media and its impact on cable television. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

30 minutes to the opening bell.

This is "in the loop" with betty liu.

The countdown begins right now.

Welcome back.

Bank of england gov.

Mark carney says the bank is ready to ease the interest rates.

He has already set rates should not rise until unemployment falls to 7%. more trouble for jpmorgan.

The bank may have to pay $6 billion to settle claims is all bad mortgage bonds to be intimate and freddie mac.

Move over, and as that.

-- to fannie mae and freddie mac.

Alix steele kicked out the market list.

Ff the market blitz.

Bad news for joy global.

I am watching tiffany shares lose their luster.

This is after they were cut to under performance and the word from a buy to a neutral at citigroup.

Shares are still up 40% since the start of the year.

One retailer standing out, express.

Otherwise a dismal reporting season for the retailers.

Coming out with estimates that beat estimates.

Raising estimates for the full- year profits.

A better fashion mix for the beach.

In michigan, toyota showing off the ego-friendly cars.

This as they're finding more ways to build on momentum of a comeback.

Matt miller traveled to the heart of our country just outside and arbor, michigan.

Porto for toyota, how much competition doesn't have and the hybrid market?

To go for it does well with the fusion hybrid.

Chevy has ofthe volt, but really not competition at all.

They own the space.

They have sold 400,000 hybrids in the u.s. over the past six months.

They expect to sell 4 million this year.

They are doing quite well.

The competition they see comes from regular cars.

The fusion, and in michigan because board cannot build of fast enough.

The chevy impala has done so well consumer reports says it was the best family sedan, the first time any american car has one that accolade in many years.

They're facing challenges on that side of the business.

Toyota has done so well in such a massive company compared to gm.

Toyota's market cap is three times that.

In the past year they have added a full ford.

$4 billion in market cap.

It trounces all of the other global carmakers.

Thank you for that.

Matt miller in michigan.

We're staying on the road in keeping the focus on of those.

The ford ceo will be a focus.

That covers starts at 8:00 eastern.

And -- coverage starts at 8:00 eastern.

In tech week by the mover and shaker this hour.

The soon to beat ex-ceo steve ballmer.

There is talk that microsoft will probably boost its dividend.

Activist shareholder value at holding has been after the company to return more money to shareholders.

Microsoft has boosted the dividend in september in line with increases in operating income in the past.

If that is the case, the dividend should be boosted by 13% to want -- to 26% per share.

Much will be happening with microsoft.

Move over and as that.

Becoming the second-largest stock market.

-- move over, nasdaq.

Eric schatzker here to share highlights of the interview.

Was this merger prompted by the nasdaq outage?

One of the questions we have for sure, given that it seems it is such an obvious opportunity for companies like bats and direct edge, but he said this deal has been in the works for months and ceos have been talking about a possible combination for years but needed to get shareholders behind it.

It does raise obvious questions about competition.

One of the questions is when is bats going to get into the ipo business?

It is not listed common stocks.

Here's what he had to say when i asked him the question.

We are hoping for first half of the your approval on the deal, and after that we would expect 6-12 months before we can move and the new technology.

We want to go at a measured pace.

If you look back of that acquisition and how we moved the technology in the project, completely seamless.

That is a bar we have to hit.

6-12 months post-close before we start to venture out.

That is at least 6-12 months, if not longer, before they start experimenting.

They need to make sure they have confidence first.

I talked to them as dexia last friday.

Tried to explain away what happened with the technological failures.

What did he have to say about the nasdaq?

Kiewit acknowledges it is an opportunity.

And that any loss is a gain of for him.

-- he if knowledge is it is an opportunity.

He does not want to talk about vulnerability is because he would be criticizing his own business.

The second is he is committed to technology.

Think of this, they operate a business that has 10 percent of the u.s. equity market and operates the stock exchange with 165 people.

Compare that with 3100 people.

He is absolutely committed to the efficiencies you can get out of electronic trading and pop forms.

Here is what he had to say specifically about the nasdaq outage.

I think there has been a lot of highlights on issues in the markets that have happened, but i do expect the resiliency is there, and for the most part issues are not felt by everyone else in trading that continued 99% of the time.

You will notice some solidarity.

That is pretty much what he told you last week.

99 percent of the time, everything works fine so do not dwell on the three hours when we were not able to trade nasdaq stocks.

It does work most of the time.

Thank you.

From exchanges to the stocks that trade on them, traders may buy fewer small-cap stocks as they get pricier.

I want to bring in julie hyman.

Small caps has led the market.

They have, but according to strategist, that dominance could be coming to an end.

It has to do with valuation.

Take a look at the charts of the day.

The price to earnings ratio of the s&p small cap 600 vs 500. you have seen as bite here at the end of the charge.

The strategists are looking at price to look -- book value.

Most narrow it has been the backwards price to earnings ratio.

They're also looking at the forward price to ratio.

This is bound to come to an end, especially given the volatile market we've seen recently.

Take a thank-you.

Julie hyman.

Coming up, the crisis in syria roiling markets around the world come up but where is the money flowing?

Property players as business throughout the middle east in syria and with us after the bell.

Paccar focus continues.

Bad news for workers at fiat, thousands will not work for most of next year.

Stay with us.

? you are watching "in the loop." the ship away to -- from cable tv to alternatives is increasing.

Apple being one of them.

Now the tech giant is focused on adding more programming to apple tv.

Making vivio just this past week.

Joining me is porter bibb of media tech capital partners.

Specializing in media and technology ventures.

Always great to see you.

People are saying finally apple is paying attention.

Because everyone was expecting a giant flat screen.

What apple to be really is is software.

It is content.

Getting all of that things they can acquire and putting it on a hockey puck and putting on your tv wirelessly.

What about the content from the weather channel or disney?

Very big news.

We are at it tipping point right now in video entertainment, cable tv.

It is all going over the top.

Apple is one of the leaders.

Google came out last month with their $35 version of apple's tv hockey puck.

Google sat down with the nfl last week and talked about putting nfl football.

Espn looking at whether the tv.

-- web tv.

Everyone is looking at it.

Everyone is moving mobile right now.

If you can connect to any thing on video with your cell phone or tablets, that is where the money is.

They will start billing as with usage fees.

Comcast focuses on the broad band business.

That is important for them.

Aereo had a pretty big victory here in new york.

To get the appeals court gave them another big victory.

They are now really set to expand.

They are talking about going into 22 markets.

26 days left in the summer.

Bebel go where there is little chance of litigation for the simple chance that -- it is not clear yet.

There was a company that is losing on the same basis that they appealed and won.

What you have is a conflicting -- that would be a conundrum.

To go and mantle go to the supreme court fairly quickly.

A final note to come of this whole black out between time warner cable and cbs, cbs has come out with released after release talking about how great the ratings are.

Under the dome hit a three week high.

How is that possible?

It is possible because you do not mess with less.

He cut a deal with verizon in los angeles.

Their 2 million more subscribers.

He bought the same deal he is trying to negotiate.

He is getting less than 20 percent of what to espn gets.

He has 10 times more be worse.

-- viewers wait for the kickoff.

The deal will come to fruition and he will get what he wants.

Great to see you.

The managing partner of corporate finance and media tech capital partners.

Coming up on the syrian-led hacker attack.

If your bmw is busted, you may be out of luck.

The world's biggest maker of luxury cars cannot get enough spare parts to the repair shop.

More on that story.

You are watching "in the loop." eight minutes away from the opening bell.

Time for the countdown blitz.

Olivia stearns is here.

Starting with the new york times.

-- olivia sterns.

They have been hacked by the syrian electronic army.

It is today the times was still unacceptable.

The paper said to use an alternate site.

The india n rupi has plunged the most in 20 years.

Pushing india's economy to the biggest crisis since 1991. the bonds are also tumbling.

Brothels in nevada are closing up shop.

The number has been disrupted.

One bloomberg lobbyist said there are only about 19 left compared to 36 back in 1985. will this hurt the economy?

They are not beloved businesses, but these businesses pay taxes and often the most high-profile businesses in sparsely-populated regions.

With fuel costs rising, a lot fewer truckers coming through.

You know you handle that well.

Thank you.

Just a few minutes away from the opening bell.

The top-10 trades he did not want to miss.

Keep it here.

? welcome back here yet you ar.

You "in the loop." alix steele has the latest on the markets.

Take up the s&p finally turning to negative territory.

Europe and asia for the most part-through the day.

Closing will work for the second time this year.

A lot of uncertainty.

The latest home pending members came in flat month-on-month.


The countdown to the opening bell with the top 10 trades.

The only stocks you need to know about today.

Julie hyman joins in.

Starting with qualcomm.

The wireless technology company has said it has agreed to buy logistics' businesses to equity partners.

Mining equipment manufacturer reporting of 5% decline in profit.

Results bill came in above estimates.

Week-old the man.

The markets have become even more challenging.

Charles schwab.

The brokerage company must based a lawsuit in which they falsely described securities as liquid investments without describing the risk.

The case was a rigidly thrown out in 2011 but an appeals court has reinstated it.

Bank of america.

The six biggest banks have piled up over 100 billion in legal fees since the peninsula crisis.

Bank of america responsible for most of those crisis -- much of those fees.

Coming in at no.

6, and newmont mining.

Seeing elevated volatility as gold trades near a three-week high.

Trading 3.5% higher.

Walt disney.

Coming to an apple to be near you.

This will feature live and on demand content.

Will be available to subscriber a pay-tv services that carry those channels.

Launching a new entertainment system called my sword touch.

The technology is drawing criticism in u.s. quality surveys.

The ceo will tell us more about that and respond to the criticism tomorrow starting at 8:00 eastern.

#3, leap wireless.

Investigating unusual options activity just before the acquisition was announced this month.

The probe comes after a prominent market maker complaints about suspicious trading activity.

Construction has said to be completed by february.

It would be the first opening in tokyo and about eight years.

Number one is mcdonald's. chicken wings coming to the golden arches.

Mcdonald's entry into the market could send chicken prices higher.

It will go on sale in the u.s. from september-november.

Joining us from chicago at the cme is bright and battle.

We have seen some limited sell- offs to this crisis in syria.

You expect we could see a pritchard really ugly market if

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