EU Targets Russian Officials in Response to Crimea

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March 17 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News’ Ryan Chilcote reports on the European Union targeting sanctions against 21 Russian officials in response to the country’s involvement in Crimea on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”


They will also impose travel restrictions.

They will not be able to travel the european union.

21 individuals in all.

At least technically speaking, they are ukrainian nationals.

Very similar to what peter is talking about coming out of the white house.

What they have not done, and this is interesting, is they have not announced any economic sanctions.

There is no appetite right now for economic sanctions against russia.

They have not targeted any business leaders.

There was talk in the lead up to today posses action by the foreign ministers that they might go after the so-called oligarch as well.

There was not a hint of that in there.

This gives the european union the ability to scale up sanctions.

The whole idea of the action from the european union is to try to dissuade president putin from annexing crimea.

Of course, it is up for russia to take it in.

That has not happened.

It may happen later in the week.

This is the diplomats trying to get ahead of president putin and prevent or discourage him from doing that.

Like you said, the sanctions are light, really.

The only thing i will say is compared to ironic'style -- iran -style sanctions, the biggest sanctions european is ever use against russia.

Class i have to ask, it seems incredibly ineffective as a tool to push president putin in any direction.

Does he care about sanctions against yana kovacic?

Class you know, look, some of the sanctions coming out of the european union and even the ones coming out of the united states, these are not just ukrainians, they are people.

Ahead of the russian military-industrial complex, dmitry is one of them, named in the u.s. sanctions list.

A close aide to the progressive put that present.

He is like the brains.

Really demand behind the construction of the vertical power and the ascent of president putin and his power.

They are an annoyance to president clinton.

But i do not think -- even the foreign diplomat in brussels, actually think they're going to dissuade president putin from the taking further action there is a sense they are out of step now now that the referendum has gone forward and maybe puzzled as to how they really actually take action to get him to take an -- to change course.

Class thank you.

Now, for more on potential

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