EU Politics Take Center Stage in Obama, Xi Visits

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March 27 (Bloomberg) -- Michal Meidan, senior Asia analyst at Eurasia Group, examines Europe’s relationships with the United States and China as Presidents Barack Obama and Xi Jinping visit the continent this week on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

Leaders in the world.

They are trying to attract more money and investment.

It is about investment and trade.

The political dimension of chinese ties to the eu is declining and we are seeing a greater maturity.

They are trying to attract chinese investors and the chinese need support in growth and development.

Europe is a non-entity.

That may be going a bit too far.

How is the relationship?

Are there any echoes of the dolly lama being a sore point?

Their relationship has caused problems in the past.

They have taken politics off the table.

What have the europeans gotten from that?

Sarkozy pay the price for meeting with him and francois hollande is making up for it.

Xi jinping is about christy h -- christ each -- prestige.

There is a lot of that and a discrepancy between brussels and the member states.

Germany is the most significant partner politically and economically in the euro zone.

Once that is what they're trying to change.

They're trying to sell more to china.

Will this strategy work?

Are going to see sharon ties in trade and export?

It is highly likely.

Diplomatic relations.

French bilateral trade is more important.

They have the capacity to move way from traditional sectors and gradually towards health care, agriculture, infrastructure, things that chinese need for the message reform agendas.

To the chinese see the french -- to do business with.

The tax rates in french are a little penal.

Went to the french have to offer ? competition.

They compete against each other.

The chinese are coming to terms with european legislation and more stringent regulatory practices.

France has higher value added in the financial sector.

They're putting one against another in a financial.

The chinese market is big enough for anybody who can make it there.

I would be happy.

We thank you for joining us.

We're back in a couple of

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