Encore: Mortgage Rates, Weather’s Impact on Retail

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Feb. 28 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg Television’s “Bottom Line” presents “Encore,” a look back at the most notable newsmakers from the past week. (Source: Bloomberg)

Story to tell.

It is tragic that they may only get 75% of what they truly are owed.

That is tragic.

The resources are not there.

The obligation -- this is pain shared by everybody.

Mortgage rates -- borrowers can sit on the sidelines.

They're trying to figure out where mortgage rates are going to settle.

A big part of that buyer decision is not going to be that buyers will hold back on buying a home.

It it's probably their appetite for a smaller home or a decision that will impact the size of the home.

Not necessarily whether to buy.

Last year when consumer reports rated, they gave us their highest rating.

It's no surprise that a year later we experience the car being on the road.

It continues to prove itself to be a well engineered car.

It performs well.

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