Ellison’s Americas Cup Dream Sidelines Oracle Focus

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Sept. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Editor-At-Large Cory Johnson examines Oracle CEO Larry Ellison’s absence from its Oracle World meeting and company conference call as he pursues the Americas Cup title with Team Oracle. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

So much of larry ellison's attention, some people have been critical of the time he has been away from oracle, the company.

Yesterday, oracle open a big conference.

San francisco, hundreds of people there to hear him speak.

He did not show up.

That is the highlight of the oracle conference every year.

Indeed, it is something people were looking forward to.

It is interesting he also managed to escape the last conference call for the company.

It is very clear -- he could have glossed over those rivets, but it is clear where his focus is.

His focus is clearly on the bay, not down in the redwood city and oracle headquarters.

Should we understand -- this has been his passion for the last several years, he has ordained lot of money into this, he has revamped the entire favorite disco waterfront, should we understand he wants to watch the final races?

And certainly who could not understand that.

But he is one of the highest paid ceo's ever, and his and shareholders are demanding that his company perform better.

The stock is not done terribly, the performance of the company has been wanting.

If you look at things like the company's sales growth, it has been if not negative in a year- over-year basis, single digits.

Last quarter had nearly 2% sales growth.

Wall street was hoping for 3. wall street was hoping he would be around.

Some analysts out there have been complaining about this.

What are people saying, what are people who cover this company saying about his absence from the company?

Jb securities is a widely followed analyst.

He says oracle he did cap the back.

A certain lack of direction highlighted by ceo larry ellison's decision to skip the call and the 10 races.

He went on to say we admire allison's passion for we are hopeful that his energy replay -- refocuses as the races wrap up.

A lot of people thought the races were going to be open by the time oracle opened up because oracle team usa was doing so poorly in the races.

Now they have rattled off a bunch of wins, made up for the gap caused by cheating on the internet in the in-between years, they have got a real raise coming later today.

Let's talk about oracle's business.

What are the most worrying, conserving -- concerning things going on with the business, and what does larry need to do about it?

Lately sales growth is the biggest issue, but hardware has been a real problem.

The big acquisition of sun has not been what they thought.

They testified in trial against google that patents alone were worth the purchase price, but there it early to enforce those java patents and not work out any way they thought.

Furthermore, you've got the company really struggling in terms of sales of hardware.

This notion of the selling hardware and software together dozens not work the way they wanted it, and it continues to shrink massively, well over 20% year-over-year in the last six quarters.

Cori, after the race today, what happens?

If oracle went about than what?

Quite the america's cup -- the american come in is going to be able to choose when it -- where it is held next year.

Larry ellison would likely keep it in san francisco.

It has not taken a hold, and all of the race and did nothing together the attention of america or even the san francisco bay area.

I think would have happened in last couple of weeks.

I have been in new york the last week and half, but i wonder from you, are people getting stoked?

I had a great time doing the series we did with our great producer here who did a lot of the work on the things.

I think the story -- the boats are exciting, they are too expensive probably to yield bigger tease, but the races -- i don't know, they have been cool, have you watched any?

I did watch some, cory.

I want to remind our audience you can catch our full half-hour special on the america's cup on the web.

The turning point when oracle was down 8-1, and everybody seemed pretty depressed, pretty down, and suddenly they came back and it is remarkable.

A particular race, new zealand almost capsized.

There was a bit of drama as well.

From there, it was a start of this amazing, remarkable winning streak.

You can sort of just feel the excitement and anticipation building in the community out here over the last several days.

I'm going to go down and watch the last race today.

I'm excited.

Whether or not larry ellison's have spent too much time on it, you cannot help but be a little patriotic about team usa winning.

Wax the guys -- the guys on the boat are british and from australia, and larry ellison's money -- i mean, that is domestic.

It sure is exciting to watch these guys go after it.

You can understand why larry ellison would skip work, even his shareholders are not too happy about it.

I won't be skipping work today, however, i will be hard at work, i promise.

Like that is good to know, cory.

-- that is good to know, cory.

The local racing right here on

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