El-Erian: Egypt Needs Hand Off From Past to Future

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Oct. 8 (Bloomberg) -- In today’s “This Matters Now,” Mohamed El-Erian, CEO at Pimco, talks with Tom Keene about continued unrest in Egypt, the impact on the nation’s economy and the role of the military in building stability. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Before that?

People are finding it more difficult to see how you reconcile everything in the national interest.

Meanwhile, the economy continues to deteriorate and institutions remain weak.

We had the red sea, the damage at the red sea yesterday, part of the big tourist industry.

It is -- is it a -- you could argue that the tourist sites like cairo -- outside cairo were excluded from the unrest.

So we make that distinction now and then we go to the political distinction, which is the army has polarized politics.

Where does the army fit in between those non-islamic and the muslim brotherhood?

The army needs to build a path to a system that is much more inclusive.

It is in everybody's interest to try to talk as opposed to getting more polarized, and it is in everybody positive interest to have this critical handoff from this mental in the past two creating the future.

-- from dismantling the past to creating the future.

The countries going back to old habits that do not serve it well like price control.

I will not help the poor and it will make things worst.

Your father is a diplomat.

If you were caught -- what would be the appropriate use of bringing services to your country?

Many people in egypt are much more suited for every single position that you can think of.

I am much being -- i am much better being on the outside and providing an outsider's perspective.

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