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Sept. 4 (Bloomberg) -- On "Hot Shots," Bloomberg's Mark Crumpton reports on today's most compelling images. (Source: Bloomberg)

Auto sales had a sales rate of 16 .1 million.

Toyota led the pack with a 23% rise in sales.

Car companies reported an impressive number last month.

Now from santa monica california, jessica, welcome back.

Good to see you.

I have to start by asking, what is with these numbers?

We had a really strong labor day.

A lot of drivers were below interest finance deals.

If you look at the average new car buyer , it was 3.9%. that is one of the lowest we've ever seen in the history of auto sales.

I think those friendly rates were able to let people get into a low monthly payment.

These numbers were pretty staggering.

Gm had it's best since 2008. ford had its best since 2006. chrysler sales rose for the 41st straight month.

Toyota liveries -- toyota deliveries rose 23%. honda and nissan had their best august ever.

Whether anything about these numbers that surprise you -- why is there anything about these numbers that surprised you?

They finish stronger than we anticipated.

That accounts for the shocking activity we saw over labor day weekend.

What is surprising about the overall sales month is the fact that a lot of different things sold.

It was not just one type of car that sold.

They had good months.

When you add that up, and you get to the high sales numbers you have seen since 2007. what does it tell you that automakers do not seem to be resorting to huge discounts to get customers into the showrooms now?

It is natural.

If you look at how old cars are out there, we know they are old.

People are trading in cars over six years old.

There is a lot of pent-up demand.

People have been holding up.

There are so many new models out there and different than they were six years ago, if you think about technology and how far that has come.

These automakers are tracking people with good products.

What impacts are higher trade-in values having on the automaker's ability to low-cost lease deals?

Are you surprised at leasing has come back with a vengeance?

Leasing over a quarter of retail sales.

Even nontraditional segments, people who never released in the past, they are seeing leasing on that rising.

Smaller vehicles, a lot of those are offering $159 a month.

That helps a lot.

Higher trade-in values , they're helping the consumer.

They are getting more for what they are trading in.

The used-car market is very hot.

They are able to afford more.

It is good.

Re: surprise that a rising gas prices to nothing to be getting potential car buyers second thoughts?

That is the thing.

A few years ago, when gas prices rose, you saw a correlation of how people thought about what they wanted to buy.

As time goes by, gas prices are sort of like a white noise to consumers.

They are going up, but they will go up again.

It is not having as profound effect on consumer shopping and purchasing as it did just a few years ago.

Part of this involves the low interest-rate environment.

There has been talk of the fed might begin winding down its monthly bond purchases in a few weeks.

What is that going to mean for consumers who might be in the market for a new car?

I think, that is a risk to auto sales in the future.

We know that a lot of people are buying because of low interest rates.

That monthly payment can be so low.

Any risk to that is a risk to auto sales recovery.

I think the silver lining here is that a lot of automakers to subsidize those rates.

Consumers may not see all of it.

I think it -- if it does rise, there could be follow-up.

Interest rates may go for consumers.

Both will have a negative effect.

The sales rate for car sales at its fastest rate since 2007. we are heading back to prerecession levels.

Is there no turning back?

We certainly hope not.

The fact that they are high, we expected to stay relatively high.

Whether they stay high, we know the people need cars.

There are cars out there to buy.

There are attractive features.

I think that we are going to be flirting around that level.

Jessica caldwell of

It is always a pleasure to have you.

Thank u for your time.

Thank you for having me back.

The semi-romance.

Hot shots is next.

? that as they look at the futures market.

Let's get you the bottom line on what is happening tomorrow.

Su keenan is standing by with a preview of what is ahead in washington.

He latest on the senate resolution on syria, and where the houses in formulating their version.

President goes to russia for the g 20 summit.

Hans nichols is traveling with the president.

Thursday, in washington, second quarter productivity data release.

The institute for supply management releases its service sector index for august.

Let's go back to the newsroom with a look ahead.

The morning after on the big exciting devices from samsung.

Did they impress?

Will they have legs?

It is all about the cool factor.

The next generation products include a new galaxy smart watch . it is called the galaxy gear.

Who knew the war between apple and samsung would, with cool gadgets would be a boon to the asian companies -- let's talk about jobs that come with strings.

A hedge fund raising its 2014 bonuses by 3.5%. also, guaranteeing the stock companies to help retain employees as the company comes off criminal insider trading problems.

The most compelling images of the day.

A city nebraska pays tribute to a prehistoric english monument.

The city of alliance is home two-car hinge -- carhinge.

The nebraska version has grown to be a burial ground for junk cars.

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