Dufner: You'll Do Anything as a Golfer to Win

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Aug. 14 (Bloomberg) -- "Lunch Money" Host Adam Johnson reports on PGA Golfers Phil Mickelson and Jason Dufner. (Source: Bloomberg)

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In sports, there have been some very big victories in golf.

Jason dufner winning the pga championship.

We will hear from a moment, but one name you are absolutely certain to know -- phil mickelson.

He won his fifth major title a few weeks ago.

He shared with us his strategy for dealing with losing in order to come back and then win.

Losing is a big part of the game of golf.

Dealing with failure and using it as a motivator for the next performance is every bit as important to be a successful professional golfer.

A lot of people fail or have a loss and end up letting it affect their future performances.

So true.

Good advice, by the way.

Dealing with loss is always hard.

Winning a lot more fun, right?

Jason dufner agrees.

Only one guy can win every week thomas o there's a lot of losers every week.

155 of us are losing every week.

You have to learn how to put it past you and use what did not go well for future events.

There are no truer words than what he spoke.

How do you do that?

You kind of have a pity party for the first couple of hours after the event, and then you just start to formulate plans of what you can do better, what did not work, what you need to do to get better, how you can get better, who can help you get better.

You will do anything as a golfer to get better.

What happens if you are playing, and in the middle of the event you realize -- you are on a certain hole, and you choke.

You are only on the third hole, how do you get back?

It is tough mid-tournament.

For me, you just have to go with what is going.

That is why we practice.

That is why we prepare.

That is why we put in all these hours to perform.

I think the rounds are supposed to be the fun part.

We get to show off, so everybody always work we have been doing, but you get stuck in the middle of the round, you feel like you are out on an island sometimes.

You tend to take the emotion out of it.

That is a pretty good trait that i have.

I do not have to think about putting my game face on in the morning.


Have you always been like that?

Yes, pretty chill guy.

Not too high, not too low with emotions.

It comes pretty easy to read.

Everybody is always, "how are you like that?" it just comes easy to me.

Do you think that makes it harder to communicate sometimes with fans or for them to feel like they know you?

It can a little bit, but i feel like people have a pretty good grasp of who i am, especially in the golf world.

Who i am, what i'm about.

I get more people that love it than hate it.

He is not just known for his golfing talent.

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