Americans Like Children in a Bad Divorce: Dowd

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October 14 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Political Analyst Matthew Dowd speaks with Bloomberg's Tom Keene about the government shutdown on Bloomberg's "Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

For a two thousand 14. good morning.

I am baffled i the weekend.

Starting with the death of affordable care act negotiations.

What is the republican stance this morning?

First of all, this is like a bad divorce where the american public is the children in this and the parents are fighting over what to do.

The public is lost in the midst of it.

I do not think the republicans have an entrance strategy or exit strategy.

Only thing they can do is fold their hand, which they have artie done on obamacare.

Now we're down to the last minute hope of a deal that at best will extend it to thanksgiving.

This is about the shift of the republican party.

Are they all shifting?

There is a tea party faction.

Jim jordan spoke on fox news sunday.

Here is that position.

We are best when we stay united on government principles.

You will see us stay united we will not increase spending.

The sequester has been a good thing that has happened.

One of the few things we have done that we have controlled spending somewhat in this town.

Tim jordan in ohio.

You see how polarized the views are right now.

Do the house republicans even get along with the senate republicans?

I do not know who was getting along well with who.

The republicans in the house seat -- seem to be the roadblock.

One question i would love to ask matt is one white house official said to me last night at the best case scenario is john boehner's worst nightmare.

So what happens if we see that and this is rammed down the house throat?

I think tim weiner -- john boehner already in trouble.

He may keep the speakership but have artie saying he has lost any power or ability to get this done.

The thing that is incredibly frustrating is there is no winner in this, everyone loses.

Everyone is losing in the midst of this.

The main thing people in the house and senate are supposed to do is put together some sort of healthy budget that strategically looks out.

We have not done that in three years.

We are now at this last-minute deal.

Republicans have fought over something that is already lost.

The white house has not led at all.

The president should be driving up to the capital every day and basically forcing this issue.

Sitting back in the midst of this and not leading.

I think republicans are probably finding the biggest fault in this but ever one out fault now.

You bring up a good point.

Larry summers says this is the wrong fight.

Says budget deficits are a second order problem relative to more pressing issues.

Issues that affect growth and are more plausible politically than the long-term budget deals than the political community is except -- is assessed with.

Does that mean people in washington get this you will bring in governors and mayors who have experience with the fostering growth?

I was going to say the only winner in all of this is a candidate outside washington that would one -- run for president in 2016. i think the biggest winner is chris christie.

An outsider.

He has been critical.

He will when overwhelmingly.

He comes from outside washington.

Everyone believes washington has inc.

-- has become incredibly dysfunctional.

At are you watching this week ? i have gone through the weekend with my head spinning.

It may advice.

What do i look at monday, thursday or friday?

I think the thing to see is the speaker sending a signal that is basically house republicans saying we have to get this done.

I think you will see a deal and will start seeing them today.

They have not done it yet.

I think that is the thing we will start to look or.

As we look at today's charts in the senate, this is becoming an unusual pattern where the senate picks up negotiations between the house of representatives and the white house.

As that's how this is going to go down?

My guess is you will see something out of the senate first.

-- is that how this is going to go down?

I do not think anyone in washington wants to go through this.

I think you will see a deal but i think it is sewed ridiculous we are getting down to this.

It will probably only last to thanksgiving so we will have the conversation a month from now.

I think i am smarter.

I will let you know in a couple of hours.

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