Does Supreme Court Contraceptive Ruling Hurt Obama?

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June 30 (Bloomberg) –- Mayer Brown LLP Partner Andy Pincus and Bloomberg’s Greg Stohr discuss the decision out of the Supreme Court allowing companies to claim religious exemption from the requirement to offer birth-control coverage in worker health plans and the impact of other decisions on business. They speak on “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Decided, saying that privately held companies do have religious rights.

Joining me now, thank you so much for being here.

Thank you for having me on.

Can you give me your take on this decision?

It was a great decision for religious freedom.

The court ruled that american families should not lose their religious freedom just because they open the family business.

These rights have not been extended to all corporations, it was limited to small, family businesses and closely held companies like hobby lobby.

What you think about what we heard from justices kagan and soto mayor?

That this would open a pandora's box?

That companies could oppose things like immunizations, blood transfusions, things like that.

They address that directly.

They were not granted those rights.

Those cases can come later and be decided later.

The decision today was narrow and careful.

Should the decision have been brought her?

Would you like to see public companies have these rights?

We are very happy with this decision.

We want to make sure that families are protected and we think they are.

How do you decide what laws companies are able to opt out of going forward?

They said that you have to look at this as a religious exercise and then see that their motives are strong enough to outweigh the burden on religious freedom.

The court has been striking that balance pretty well for 20 years.

Hobby lobby in their arguments, they had two specific types of contraception there were -- they were opposed to.

Dozens of companies would like to say that we will not cover interception at all.

Do you see them -- see this applying to them as well?

We will probably see decisions, like we saw before, for religious ministries who say that they cannot in good conscience provide this.

A good sign for those cases.

What about the employees?

What about employees who want that kind of contraception?

Hobby lobby employees have the same rights they had yesterday.

Nothing changes.

The only difference is the government cannot drag the family and and force them to provide something contrary to their faith.

Did you get any reaction from the green family?

I have not spoken to them

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