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June 12 (Bloomberg) -- Twitter said Chief Operating Officer Ali Rowghani resigned, in the biggest executive departure since the microblogging company’s initial public offering last year. Elevation Partners Roger McNamee speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Change at twitter.

Twitter ousting their coo really suddenly.

He resigned his position.

I should not say that he was ousted.

The founder of the company said it will not name a new coo.

This comes just seven months after pressure to get more user growth and get more users where they have struggled.

Where -- what do you make of this?

I think twitter remains an extraordinary company lost in what i call a bad user experience.

If i look at the embedding what twitter has done in the television industry and entertainment more broadly, it is extraordinary.

I was watching some of the covers of the hockey game last night.

The espn guys were using tweet as part of the thai log about the game -- dialogue about the game.

For certain.

It is extraordinary, and i think that places a lot of pressure to get the monetization strategies as good as the product idea itself.

All of the problem -- all of the blame falls on the product interface.

The way the consumer interacts with the product does not work.

You are trying to sift information from a firehose and it is an unpleasant experience.

The new coo change, or removal last night, jonathan has been covering that out of los angeles.

What can you tell us about this news in particular?

He joins us now.

When you talk about the product experience, ali was someone who was charged with overseeing that team, to grow twitter's business.

There have been concerns about the ability to continue to grow both the user base and the amount of time she -- people are spending on twitter everyday.

You are up against some formidable competitors like facebook.

Recently, they did hire a guy from google who got a lot of kudos with the triumphant return of google maps to ios after the apple maps disaster.

There is this view is -- that, do we need someone who is in the trenches and know-how to get the team excited and can communicate with the goal is with the product?

And then address some of the things that roger was just talking about.

The execution is really critical for the growth of a business like twitter when they have already hit so many millions of people.

That definitely does factor into where we are and how these moving pieces of key players are shipping out.

-- shaping out.

I look at the user growth and these numbers, and i look at it sequentially.

User growth sequentially, i think it is more relevant.

You have more knowledge about this than i do probably.

In a company at this stage of growth, the sequential numbers are those to look at.

In turn ash twitter has seen a turnaround.

-- and twitter has seen a turnaround.

The numbers are getting a little bit better.

Important, yes, but i don't think that is the issue.

To me, twitter has so many customers.

It is so deeply embedded.

The real opportunity is to do what facebook did in its own market, which is to get much deeper engagement, much more interaction.

For that, the product has to change.

They have to find more ways of presenting them.

We will talk little bit later about a company i'm involved with, reverb.

They are a company with lots of experiences.

Reverb solves that problem by making everything topically based.

I don't think of any growth is the issue.

I don't think user growth is, per se, the issue.

I think the vast majority of the issues do not get that much value from interacting with the twitter application itself.

The time lane usage and timeline growth, investors have stop looking at it.

In terms of hollywood, hollywood seems to have embraced this platform.

Television also.

They absolutely do.

If you are one of these power twitter users, there are huge opportunities, whether you're a sportscaster or a celebrity, to get the word out or manage your message through something like twitter.

If all of those other people who sign up for the service, as roger was alluding to, and are still figuring out, for example -- let's take hollywood for a second.

How do i get more hollywood news and less tech news?

How do i streamline all of that?

There is already a lot of fascinating stuff that twitter has been working on, especially with live sports coverage and almost having a google-like experience.

If you sift around and find sports scores that they have cooking inside twitter, but if you -- where you lose sometimes is twitter being able to get these different boxes figured out.

That is where the challenge is.


I would love to have twitter's problem.

The things they have a commerce are so valuable and hard to replicate.

-- that they have accomplished are so valuable and hard to replicate.

A just need to recognize that a firehose is a lousy way to display ads.

They would be like trying to watch -- follow wall street right having a stock ticker go by.

You need other analytical schools.

Twitter needs to have 20 user interfaces.

Most of the people i know get their twitter news from watching television and going to the user crawl of what they are looking at.

That is the way to do it.

I don't know who the person is, who will crack the code, but i'm certain somebody will.

Twitter is too good an opportunity.

Jack dorsey was one of the cofounders of twitter and so very much involved.

Maybe less so now.

He was so focused on the steve jobsian influence and having the single elegant interface.

That would work, but unfortunately, it is a single in elegant inter--- inelegant interface.

There is no reason for forcing people into one view.

People have different views.

Let's recognize that if you are an executive at twitter, all you need is a good nights sleep and tomorrow is a new day and you get to reinvent the company with all those assets.

To me, it is a great unrealized opportunity.

I mentioned timeline growth.

Whenever a company says don't look at this number anymore, that is the first number you look at.

I think the company's numbers look pretty good.

Growth on a sequential basis, you see more people clicking on a timeline, more revenues per timeline.

That says to me they are starring to figure it out.

I hope so.

Because as i say, to me, twitter is an extra ordinarily valuable product for someone in the investment or news business.

We live on products like this.

I'm cheering for them to get it right.

If they ever call me up, i will sit down anytime they want.

Let's figure this out.

It is such a great opportunity.

Thank you, gentle man.

Roger is going to sit with me for a little while.

A lot of cool stories to talk

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