Disney Delays ‘Good Dinosaur’ in Shuffling of Slate

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Sept. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Walt Disney Co. delayed the 2014 Pixar film “The Good Dinosaur” by 18 months, leaving the animation studio that produced “Toy Story” without an annual release for the first time since 2005. Jon Erlichman reviews Disney's movie moves on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

There is a lot of changes disney has made, but three we should highlight.

It to pixar films.

It starts with the good dinosaur which was going to come out next year.

There were reports that the director is no longer on that project.

That moves to 2015. finding authority, which is a sequel to nemo -- finding dory, which is a sequel to nemo gets pushed back.

Melissa sent is a new twist on sleeping beauty.

-- in a lots of ways, a film slate is just like product releases of companies like apple.

It is important.

But there are a lots of chess pieces.

You have to look at the board and see how the next couple of years will play out.

Jon, we highlighted disney delaying the release of the next pirates film.

How much of this has to do with the box office performance of the lone ranger which was obviously a flop?


You immediately see that in the headlines tied to the story, the fact that it was not that long ago.

You are right.

The fact that pirates was delayed and lone ranger was a movie that cost a lot to make and puts the bar pretty high.

I think the messaging has been pretty clear from disney.

This is a company that does want to make a big box office bets.

They do want to make calculated bets.

They are comfortable making bets on the well-known franchises they have got.

Marvel is an obviously -- is an obvious one.

The avengers movie, the sequel to the ironman films.

They are more cautious when it comes to the money.

The money they spend on each film or what could be viewed as the one-ops.

Movies like the lone ranger that is he has been making multiple bets on.

If the headline reads they spent 200 $50 million or more on that don't, they want to move away from that.

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