Dish Taps App Developers to Integrate With Hopper

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July 25 (Bloomberg) -- Dish Network SVP Product Management Vivek Khemka explains to Cory Johnson how Dish Network is looking to better second-screen viewing for customers on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

President and product manager of dish.

Talk to me about how people watch tv now.

Thanks for having me.

We have been looking at how consumers have watch tv and what we have noticed is more than half of consumers either have a smart phone or a tablet while they're watching tv.

They are using these devices to find content or find shows they would like to watch and find information about the show bear watching.

-- shows they are watching.

That is the trend we see and we are trying to leverage on that trend.

I don't understand the experience of hopper and what i would be looking at.

Dish is the third largest pay-tv operator with 4 million subscribers and the hopper error of dvr we lost last year and has won numerous awards like ces.

Customers to have the hopper can record up to 2000 hours of shell and watch in one room and another room and has built-in features that lets -- that allows you to watch tv live and recorded in a mobile device.

One of the other apps we offer is called a dish explorer.

You can download the ap [p. did you are in front of the hopper, you can access the guide with that change your tv or you can't search.

-- or you can search.

I can even find the games on tv or the hottest shows and social media or the show's my friends liked.

That is intriguing stuff and i can imagine that it will be a difficult way to harness this and sell ads.

We're out of time.

Thanks very much.

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