Discovery Channel’s Gold Digger Sings Opera

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Jan. 17 (Bloomberg) –- Discovery Channel’s “Bering Sea Gold” star Emily Riedel discusses her show, her love of gold and her dreams of becoming an opera star with Trish Regan and Adam Johnson on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Ask last year's most hated etf hoss might become the loved ones this year.

Tell us about some of these surprise turnarounds.

This year so far, expect the unexpected.

One example that was hated last year and is bouncing back is the ishares national municipal bond ipf -- ietf.

This has bounced up 2%. it went several months without closing at a discount every day.

It closed at a premium and had some inflows, both good indicators that meanies could be back yielding 3%, which is about 5% on a tax equivalent basis.

Another man that is interesting is junior gold miners.

This is kind of a leveraged play on gold.

Interesting -- the gold miners etf is up 6%, doubling the gold miners.

This will give extra pop if they continue to rebound.

The pimco 25 plus treasury etf -- that is a mouthful.

The long-dated treasuries are having a bit of a rebound.

Rates have fallen a bit.

This is up 6% after losing 21% last year.

This would have seemed a crazy investment about two months ago.

You have something up 6%. in 2011, that was the single best performing etf of all of them.

It returned 51%. this has a duration of 18 years.

It is very sensitive to rates.

If they fall, that will shoot up.

Etf's are stock analysts.

If you hear people talking about earnings and cash flow, these package that for you.

The revenue shares large-cap fund.

It looks at the ventricle of revenue.

This is outpacing the s&p 500 by 4% last year, and 25% over five years.

It takes the stocks in the s&p, weighted by revenue, rebalanced quarterly.

They have a whole series of revenue shares.

They are that committed to that fundamental.

This is one of the oldest and largest.

Back in 2005, this launched.

This uses a series of cash flow book value sales and dividends.

It is a multifaceted approach.

It beat the market by 2% last year, and 43% over the last five years.

Stockpicking works.

These are not active stock managers.

In addition, these are rules- based.

You know the rules ahead of time.

They rebalance, score them, and balance on that.

It is not like somebody is picking stocks.

They call it cause i active.

-- uquasi-active.

This stands for earnings per share.

It is the wisdom tree earnings 500 bps.

-- etf.

This hones in on stocks that have the highest earnings.

It rebalance his quarterly.

This has edged out the market by about eight percent.

Since its inception, it is up about three percent over the s&p. if you want an eps to do the legwork, i think these deliver the value.

As always, you are full of knowledge.

And you for making the trip and from the princeton office.

Thank you.

See you again next friday.

President obama came out with a long-awaited response to nsa intelligence gathering today, and he came out swinging, saying it is necessary for the fight against terrorism.

The men and women of the intelligence community, including the nsa, consistently follow parameters designed to protect the privacy of ordinary people.

They are not abusing authorities in order to listen to your private phone calls or read your e-mails.

When mistakes are made, which is inevitable in any large and complicated human and price, they correct those mistakes -- human enterprise, they correct those mistakes.

He talked about moving data storage away from the nsa, halting surveillance of her and lay leaders, requiring judicial approval, and asking congress to review changes.

We are joined by republican representative peter king of new york and the principle of the chertoff group.

Thank you for joining us.

In the past, you described curbing the nsa as surrender to political correctness.

What do you make of the president's recommendations?

For the most part, the program is intact.

The president basically said how vital it is and the changes he is making.

He says he wants the metadata to be taken from the nsa, and private companies would not be able to take it will stop -- take it.

He will try to find a third party.

In the meantime, the status quo will be the same, other than that the nsa will have to get court approval when it drills down into the metadata, unless there is emergency.

That is workable.

I hope the court can speed it up.

In the past, it is sometimes nine days to get a court order.

But i think that can be arranged.

Considering all that has gone on, i think the nsa is still pretty much intact.

Talking to people at the nsa, they feel this is doable.

I do not think these reforms are necessary.

As a practical matter, the president felt he had to do it.

I think the nsa will still be able to carry out its mission.

You have advised the white house and the nypd.

Any substantive changes?

They are very modest.

This was a somewhat convoluted speech that made a few changes at the margins of the program.

I see very little change in the essence of the program.

Essentially, he is talking about certain limitations on how the government uses the data, but no real limitation on what the government collects.

There is nuance about how one type of telephone metadata is stored.

He poses that to congress, but has no can create suggestion on what to do on that thorny topic.

Representative keating, is there any way -- you chair the subcommittee on counterterrorism.

Is there any way to quantify whether all this data collection has been effective?

Number of slots -- number of plots sorted?

Data i believe in the overall mosaic.

One example i can give is the attempted subway attack and 2009, where they used section 702 of the patriot act to learn more was happening overseas.

Once that was obtained, they went to 215c, the metadata, and found out who was in contact in this country.

One of the people apprehended under that is now serving a life sentence.

It is stopping attacks.

It provides often a mosaic or bigger picture.

We will know the extent -- and also we could rule people out.

For instance, overseas, we were concerned it might affect the united states.

To me, it is interesting.

You go from george bush and eight cheney to president obama and his administration.

They all see the need for this in one form or another.

$35 billion is the estimated cost to u.s. businesses of all of this surveillance.

What is an acceptable cost?

I am not sure what that number is coming from.

But we can afford this.

There is no question.

Department of homeland security, this is manageable.

In my experience, every single important counterterrorism case i encountered electronic surveillance was central to the resolution of the plot.

He has cited the canonical case, which is a plot against the new york city subway.

It was used by everyone.

President obama acknowledges this as part of his relatively complex defense of the program.

He says even the 9/11 plot, there was a possibility of identifying one of the plotters, and it was mixed because of the absence of a metadata program, the sort of which he defended today.

You might make a run for president.

You have said you might.

What would your nsa look like?

That is a long way off.

As far as the nsa, i would keep it pretty much the way -- act up for a second.

I think you told a radio station in my home state of new hampshire you would consider it.

I said i would consider it.

But he took it a step forward and said i was announcing.

We are definitely working on it, but it is a long way off.

If i did become president, i would try to entice richard falkenrath back into the government, because the assistance he gave us in the days after 9/11 was essential.

You will have to get him away from me first.

Good to have you here.

Thank you, terse.

-- trish.

Pimm, what have you got coming up?

No pimm!

And he has a big interview coming up.

He is prepping with the former director of the nsa.

President obama may be overhauling the nsa.

That does not mean you can put your spyware away.

? we bring you the business behind media and pop culture.

Hollywood heavyweights are chasing oscar gold.

There is one tv start going after the real deal.

[singing] this is my kind of show.

This is discovery channel's gold beijing opera singer on the hit series "bearing see -- "bering sea gold." she will stop short of nothing to find treasure, even if it is hidden in the alaskan water.

You want to be on opera singer, but you have your own ship and are mining for gold in the water.

You are the only girl.

You are the cap did.

What is that like?

A fascinating story.

It is aluminum pontoons that mostly float.

They mostly get us to the harbor.

I'm want to raise the funds to pursue a masters degree in operatic performance abroad.

I mind up falling in love with gold.

I have a special connection.

It is so elusive and so addictive, you cannot help but love it and hated at the same time.

It totally corrupts your soul.

It is kind of a tough run.

A lot of the time, we are selling ounce by ounce to keep surviving.

It takes fuel to get out there.

The fuel is incredibly expensive.

In nome, it is about six dollars 50 a gallon for diesel.

You are living from half ounce to ounce.

Gold prices have been a little bit dicey over the years.

When i first started, they were at $19.50. now they are at $12.50. opera is further away.


And you want to fund an opera career.

My ulterior love is opera singer.

You are a mezzo?

And you are a soprano.

I was.

Trish is the real deal.

Your goal is to go on and be on the international opera circuit.

Leave the gold digging behind.

It is a hard battle.

I do love to mine for gold, but i also love to sing.

It is a weird combination.

What do you think?

Are you trying to get her to sing?

We do not want to put you on the spot or anything.

Apparently i have to sing now.

You are a mezzo.

Would you?

I would love to.

Good for her.

We have never done this on the show before.

This is cool.

[singing opera] ? ? metropolitan opera, i hope you heard that.

That was fantastic.

Great job.

We wish you all the luck.

We are going to watch your show.

All the best to you.


Great carmen.

And you can watch her every friday night at 10:00 p.m. on the discovery channel.

? i want everyone to have a terrific long weekend.

We have a big week ahead.

Tuesday, mayor bloomberg and bill gates.

? it is 56 past the hour.

Let us get you caught up on were markets ended.

They relatively mixed today.

The dow was in positive territory.

The s&p was down.

In the s&p, the biggest drag on the index was consumer staples.

You also had technology and industrials.

Overall, you had building permits and housing starts lower than estimated.

The housing market is showing signs of stabilizing.

At the heart today, it was all about earnings.

Manufacturing units fell short of estimates.

Ups said its earnings would disappoint for the fourth quarter.

A sickly, it had to hire more workers.

It still missed on holiday liberties.

A big drop, the biggest in more than a decade yesterday.

U.s. holiday sales down by 1.5%. that was matt miller staying crushed.

Investors wondered what was happening next.

I bring in my colleagues, matt miller and olivia sterns.

I am going to keep watching out for earnings, because i really have been surprised.

Obviously, not many companies have reported him.

I guess 6% or 7% so far.

More than half have missed earnings expectations.

Analysts are professional low bowlers.

And companies want to global -- to lowball themselves.

You want to under promise and over deliver.

Normally, we see 6% of companies beat earnings estimates.

Right now, 48% have beaten.

It is not looking great.

I think robert albertson was on this morning.

Microsoft is coming out next week among a slew of other important consumer names.

We are expecting them to show a drop even though they will show growth on the revenue side.

Maybe they will say something about their ceo search.

Maybe you can talk with alan mulally in new york.

But he does not have any intention.

No one wants to take the job at microsoft.

It is a difficult job.

It looks like they have their eye on three main contenders.

One internal guy is there head of -- is the head of cloud computing.

It will be interesting to see.

Olivia, you are going overseas.

I am not actually going to doorposts this year, but up -- going to davos this year.

Shinzo abe eight, the japanese prime minister -- listen.


Pay attention.

He is going to be the keynote speaker.

We will hear a lot about currency.

We will hear what the europeans and leaders around the world think about the nsa.

We have tech nerds.

We have microsoft.

And climate nerds.

They use so much.

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