Deadliest U.S. Fraternity Bans Hazing

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March 11 (Bloomberg) –- Franklin College Professor Hank Nuwer discusses the SAE hazing ban and the future of national fraternities. He speaks with Stephanie Ruhle and Erik Schatzker on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)


Class it is a good idea for them to ban hazing and i would like to see other groups do it.

We have seen with this reform that the national went around its undergraduates, which, year after year, would not approve something like this.

What will happen without pledging is that we will not have the semester long hazing that has led to so many of the deaths you describe.

Is it during hazing exercises when these occurred or could adjust the wild partying echo those are two different things.

I keep track of the 170 plus hazing deaths that happened at the collegiate level in the country.

If i kept track of all of the party deaths, automobile related deaths, the number would be off the charts.

Professor, it is one thing for the national organization to make a decision as sae has done in this case.

It is another thing altogether for each of the individual chapters to honor that decision.

Realistically, what are the chances that would happen?

In the next four years, until this group of undergraduates graduates, they will have to keep track very closely.

Class how are they going to do that?

If i am running a chapter of sae at penn state, clearly when the national representative comes, i will make sure the house is clean and the boys are in order, but come friday night at 1:00 a.m., things are going to get wild.

Class i think national fraternities can work more closely with greek advisors, with student life at different universities.

I think universities have to crack down as well, not just the fraternities.

We have been saying this for some time.

You certainly haven't other people have.

What is going to provoke such a change echo if universities up until now, at least not enough of them have taken action against hazing, what is to say, hank, that it will happen tomorrow?

Class it will not happen tomorrow.

Last weekend, for example, and sae chapter, in combination with a sorority at the university of connecticut, had an alleged hazing incident in which a young woman nearly died of alcohol hazing.

We have seen such silly things as fraternities join sororities in hazing, which led to a death at utah state.

A few years ago.

Help us understand.

If there was evidence.

Let's say we are talking about the connecticut situation and it is a few weeks or a couple of months from now and there is definitive evidence that hazing took place, why should sae not revoke the chapter at the connecticut school?

Why should cap the gamma revoke the charter for that chapter and set an example for the rest of the country by maintaining a zero tolerance policy echo i agree with that and i think the universities need to do it as well.

There are times fraternities have gained charters and the schools have not and vice versa.

They need to be working hand-in-hand to toughen up the regulations.

Is there a business case to be made for positive effects of fraternities?

Everyday we talk about the effects of networking and having sponsors.

You look at some of the nation's biggest corporate leaders, many of them were in fraternities and they keep those ties.


Even from a business standpoint, it makes sense.

There are connections to be made.

The other side, the best, perhaps, is the camaraderie that is there.

A brother that is with you now is the person you will call up when you get a job, have a baby, loser mom.

That is not to be laughed at.

Could there be a negative impact for some of the universities?

Having a big greek system in a lot of colleges in the middle of nowhere, it is how they recruit students to go there.

It sure is.

Fraternities and sororities definitely are a drawing card.

They are a high status group on campus, regulated with positive attitudes on the other -- undergraduates.

Nothing is behind closed doors.

They can definitely be a force for the better on campuses.

How would you advance the debate beyond what we are discussing right now?

So sae has made a significant move banning pledging, which they hope will get rid of the hazing problem.

How do you get other fraternities to follow suit and other colleges to encourage fraternities to do what is done?

I go back to what i was saying before.

There is momentum, but it is awfully slow relative to the amount of discussion that has taken place over the past decades.

I think it has to happen with the largest fraternities and then will filter down.

We have seen sigma phi come in with a balanced program.

We have seen phi delta theta pushing for alcohol free houses.

It has been happening slowly and yet steadily.

This is the biggest one, the one most problematic.

The death of george at cornell in a hazing incident.

It took a lot of national attention, the reputation of sae.

This is an attempt for them to try to come back and reform.

Thank you for joining us.

We have to leave it there.

We will be back with more in two.

Stay here.

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