DC Investigation Will Be `All Hands on Deck’: Henry

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Sept. 16 (Bloomberg) –- Former FBI Executive Assistant Director Shawn Henry and the Chertoff Group’s Richard Falkenrath discuss the shooting today at the U.S. Naval Sea Systems Command headquarters in Washington and the scope of the investigation. They speak with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Important to point out this is very close to nationals park.

That is where they were advising people to meet up with families, in the nationals park parking lot earlier.

That is one reason they canceled the game tonight.

This is also about a mile from the u.s. capitol.

That is another reason they were on lockdown.

For more on this developing story, i would like to bring into the conversation richard falkenrath, former white house security adviser and bloomberg continuing editor, and a principal at the chertoff group.

Richard joins us by telephone from boston.

And from washington, shawn henry , current president of crowdstrike.

He is also a former assistant director from the federal bureau of investigation.

Before arriving here, he was at the scene of the navy yard shootings.

What did you see?

A lot of chaos.

The media is speaking to individuals who may have witnessed the incident.

After an incident like this, often there is kind of a fog and people are not clear exactly what happened.

It was a very transitory experience.

Richard falkenrath, can you speak to how these kinds of guns would be taken into the navy yard?

That certainly will be something they are going to investigate.

This is not a tightly guarded military installation.

Individuals, if they have official i.d., are not going to pass through magnetometers or be searched, as they would in other locations.

Initial reports are that he had a form of identification that granted him access.

He would have brought these weapons in under his coat or in a bag.

Click shawn henry, walk us through what the federal bureau of investigation procedure would be at the scene, and following on.

The f b i joint terrorism task force will be running the investigation.

Those are made up of state, local, and federal agencies from around the d.c. area.

They will be looking to collect evidence to try to identify if there are any co-conspirators that may have been part of this.

They will be interviewing witnesses, looking at film surveillance cameras that may have been in the area.

They want to try to identify any other co-conspirators.

The first priority is to ensure there is no further threat to public safety.

They will be looking to make sure there are no other plots.

Once they identify friends and family members, they will do those interviews.

They will look to execute search warrants at his residence, his vehicle, digital media.

They want to expand the scope of the investigation to make sure they have identified all the plots that might have been part of this.

It is not clear that it is a terrorist incident.

They could be a disgruntled employee.

You want to look at the highest potential risk, which would be terrorism.

What about new types of procedures that may be instituted as a result of this attack?

I think it is too early to say.

The navy will be looking at access control procedures, and may tighten them.

In addition to investigative steps, they will be canvassing video surveillance, trying to reconstruct the past.

A difficult task to undertake his victim notifications.

That will be well underway at this stage of the investigation.

Access to telephone records and digital history -- tell us about the resources the fbi can bring to bear.

They will have to have some judicial process.

They will need search warrants or subpoenas, depending on the records or data they want to look at.

They should be able to get that once they have identified, or determined, that he has committed a crime.

They will use it to reconstruct where he has been over the last several weeks and months, he circle of people he has been in contact with.

This is going to be a long- standing investigation.

It will take time as pieces start to fall into place.

Shawn henry, you were once the head of the division of the federal bureau of investigation currently conducting this ongoing investigation.

What kind of resources are involved?

What kind of geographical scope?

I imagine there will be hundreds of not just fbi agents, that many employees and specialists, as well as state, local, and federal agencies.

These people trained for this regularly.

The national capital response squad trained for these types of incidents particularly in the washington metropolitan region, because it has always been a target.

They all work together in a collaborative way.

This will be all hands on deck for the next several days, and perhaps weeks.

You heard how shawn henry describes that there will be this coordinated effort on the part of law enforcement to piece together the puzzle of this incident.

What about private industry?

How did a guard themselves against these kinds of attacks?

Each company has to make its own policy with respect to the physical security of its office space.

By and large, most are quite accessible.

The defense they have against these sorts of incidents is their rarity.

These things do happen periodically in the united states.

When an individual has a will to

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