CXS Raises Profit Forecast on Crude Shipments

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Oct. 16 (Bloomberg) -- CSX unexpectedly boosted its full-year profit forecast as the biggest railroad in the eastern U.S. bets on intermodal freight to help stanch declines in shipments of coal, its largest cargo. Tom Keene reports on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Our merchant this is up 58% -- if we exclude the coal market, our merchant site is up 5%. hopefully that momentum will continue.

Certainly the direction of the economy is very important for a railroad business like csx.

Tom is with the with the segway.

A lot of people will associate with john snow, the former treasury secretary.

Chesapeake railroad, you know from monopoly, between atlantic and illinois, the reds and the yellows, the b&o railroad -- we are going back in history, tom.

The problem for csx is they are a little soft and coal.

They are strong and moving oil around.

They are doing what they do best, which is return cash to shareholders.

That was michael ward's major message that they will do what a lot of people are doing nowadays.

Someone argue -- reinvest, but also buy back shares and raised evidence.

You wonder with all these regulations and the environmental push on coal fire plants, how that is going to impact a rubber company.

He did mention the environmental issues that they work with ease coast coal.

I think all the railroads they suckered the question i do not get to is how does csx compare with warren buffett's railroad?

You mean which train is prettier capital -- is prettier?

It is a different business.

Csx is in an eastern seaboard.

Burlington railroad just gets on the train in los angeles and go straight east to the st.


It is true.

And the gulf, by the way, is a huge opportunity.

Matt rose, the ceo of burlington, has said.

That is a huge opportunity for them.

They are minting money.

They talk about -- csx is doing

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