Crash Was Very Intense and Surreal: SFO Eyewitness

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July 8 (Bloomberg) -- Google product manager Krista Seiden witnessed the entire Asiana airlines crash landing at the San Francisco airport as she waited to board her own flight. Here, she recounts what happened on "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

The last 24 hours answering questions because you were tweeting out immediately after this crash that you saw it, and you started taking pictures.

I saw it immediately.

Maybe four or five people at the gate when we saw it approaching.

All of a sudden there were clouds of smoke.

It was a very intense situation right away, and i immediately took out my phone and started taking pictures.

What about the people around you?

Was there lots of confusion?

What was the scene like then?

It was a bit surreal.

The first 15, 20, 30 seconds, people did not have too much of a reaction.

The board trying to copper had what had happened.

I was one of the first people -- people trying to comprehend what had happened.

At this point i had already been taking pictures and i had been sending tweets about what i had seen.

So you had actually seen this before the agent?

You were at the u.s. airways counter, is that right?

I was, yes, a few feet away from people boarding a u.s. air flight.

So what happened immediately after?

Did the airport immediately shut down?

Yes, almost immediately the airport, about 10 minutes after the crash, the airport came over the intercom and let everybody know that the airport was closed down for the time being, that there were not any incoming or outgoing flights.

For the first 10 minutes or so, there was no real news from anyone, abel sitting around speculating what was going on.

And you were still able to see this airplane that just crash landed.

What did you start to see, or what did you see in the first few moments after he came to a stop?

The first few months we saw a lot of black smoke, maybe about 60 seconds after the actual crash we saw the emergency responders get to the scene, a lot of ambulances and fire trucks to spray down the airplane.

Maybe after four or five minutes, the actual smoke started to die out and we were hopeful that things were getting under control better.

And then a few minutes later it started up again, maybe four or five minutes after that, and came on a lot stronger.

Everybody was very concerned.

We did not know if people had fully made it off.

We could see the evacuation slides from the airplane at that point, but it was kind of far away to see people coming off the slides.

Very unknown, people just standing around the window in uncertainty.

You eventually got onto your airplane.

You are in arizona now.

Were you scared to fly after seeing all of that?

You know, i come from an invasion -- i come from an aviation family and i am not scared to fly.

But coming into sky harbor at phoenix airport, i did get fairly nervous and i started gripping as i started landing.

Which is an unusual feeling for me.

I had just witnessed the crash landing, and it was tense.


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