Corruption Crackdown Helps Xi's Position

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July 4 (Bloomberg) -- Xi Jinping is already positioning to shape the next generation of leaders, with the biggest corruption crackdown in three decades offering a chance to promote allies. Ting Shi has more on "On The Move Asia." (Source: Bloomberg)

Birds with one stone.

It could actually be controlling mr.

Xi jinping's power.

Thank you very much for joining us.

Tell us what is going on here.

What have we seen so far in this corruption campaign?

Weeks after xi jinping became the chinese communist party chief in november, 2012, he launched a sweeping corruption crackdown campaign.

He planned to catch both tigers and flies.

That means senior level officials and low ranking officials.



It is the biggest crackdown on corruption in three decades.

So far there are around 30 tigers, senior officials being either put on corruption probe or kicked out of party, which include twpo very close allies.

That happened this passing week, on monday.

What is the objective of this campaign?

Clean up your act is one thing.

What about the ones who are allied to him as well?

Is this also about shoring up his own position?

There are several objectives for his campaign.

The main drive is -- xi jinping, he genuinely thinks corruption is threatening chinese communist party legitimacy.

One of the other objectives is to help this investor interest -- we can this investor interest blocking his reform policy.

This of course helps him control that.

He has been promoting a string of his allies to high office.

We are -- reports show two of his very close former colleagues back to his early days have been promoted to very important positions.

One is the deputy in china's national economic planning agencies.

The other is shanghai deputy party chief which is a very important position.

Analysts believe this could actually help xi for the next party congress.

He probably can shape the lineup of the party bureau, which is a very powerful -- shape it in his own image.

I suppose every leader does this.

You are absolutely right.

He started this very early in his career.

He didn't get this power consolidation campaign started until after four or five years in office but xi is very quick action.

He actually already started to

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