Can You Control Someone's Brain With the Internet?

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Aug. 28 (Bloomberg) -- University of Washington's Andrea Stocco discusses his brain-to-brain communication study with Jon Erlichman on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

This is the early edition for "bloomberg west" and nine cory johnson in for emily chang.

You can also check out at 6:00 p.m. eastern.

Thousands are gathered on the national mall to mark the 50th anniversary of martin luther king jr.'s fame as i have a dream speech.

President obama will speaking of a little over an hour from the steps of the lincoln memorial.

We will carry that the entire speech live.

Also former president bill clinton and jimmy carter will be speaking.

Slow progress against the massive wildfire in yosemite park.

It is 20% contained, but has still burned 187,000 a.. it is also burning closer to the head to head cheap -- reservoir the thethat provides water to san francisco.

A famous pteridophyte.

They charged 10 euros to throw tomatoes at each other.

Every tomato will help.

It former ticketmaster president nathan hubbard is hired on at quarter as head of commerce spyridon.

Jon ehrlichman brook this story yesterday.

He joins us now with the latest cuts maybe they can sell tickets to the tomato fight on twitter.

-- he joins us now with the latest.

Maybe they can sell tickets to the tomato fight on twitter.

Someone who knows a lot about the growth of twitter is -- elman, -- josh elman, who recently became a partner in his company.

Thanks for joining us.

What do you think about this push into commerce?

I think it is very exciting for twitter.

There is a natural affinity for people to buy impulse items for things like tickets, things that they are a fan of, as well as developing a long-term relationship with france.

-- brands.

May be explained that in a little more detail.

The mind set on trigger -- twitter, maybe there will be imposed by it, but how the market is that?

On a platform that people in more about, let's say, news, discovery, and what is up in the world?

Greta think it was three years ago when conan o'brien got kicked out of nbc, he did one tweet that he was going around the country on tour and it sold out in about three hours.

If you were on twitter at the time, you had the chance to buy those tickets.

It will be the kind of purchases that we are not even thinking about making now that people make in those snap decisions.

An interesting point.

There is so much buzz about whether twitter is going to go public.

What do you think about that prospect?

Do you think the company will go for an initial public offering by the end of this year the the dax next year?

It is a great question.

-- by the end of this year?

The next year?

It is a great question.

I think it some.

Being on the public markets will help the company grow and expand, but i don't think there any hurry to rush it before it is natural for the company.

We watched the i.p.o. for facebook and the stock has recovered in a big way, but coming back to the issue of commerce and the approach that facebook had taken, which is a sort of the initial stage for twitter.

How would you compare and contrast with the two companies are doing?

On facebook, you're there to interact with your friend and see what they're up to in the world.

On twitter, you are doing what you said earlier, going to find what is happening right now in the world and all the things that might be of interest.

In facebook, at the experience a lot of things like the gifts, and on twitter i think you will see a lot more happen around commerce the the way things were fans of and interested in.

I did with book, we will see this top of the final, where people are -- with both, i think we will see this top of the final, where people are fighting about -- finding out about things.

And a final question about how this could work for twitter to how other retailers are plugging into the platform.

We make it sound so simple.

Is it that easy to do?

You know, it really is.

If you have a web page any purchase flow, there's no reason why when you see a tweet you cannot click through on a sweet and make a purchase without fully having to authenticate.

I think we are just at the beginning of how easy it can be when you think about it on your mobile phone.

And when you think about the natural engagement that it's happening every day on twitter.

Let's talk about where you're doing over at greycroft.

Some people would say, there are some big social companies out there already.

Haven't we talked out this market?

Obviously, you do not think it -- of it that way.

What you think is the next big thing where you want to swap some money down?

The way we think about it is that it is a chance for us to get involved.

We have gotten to build a lot of these companies in the past.

And we can help build the company's of the future.

We thought twitter was the last one and then pinterest or facebook with the last one, and now we are seeing is not chat rise.

We have an investment in the company called next door.

We think people will connect with mobile phones and tablets in their living rooms.

We want to get a chance to help build that, just the way we have worked with linkedin and facebook and twitter to get there.

The plate -- the gridlock -- graylock strategy is to speak to big bowl so they can build the same business.

What is the first question?

The first question i would say is, why did you go to the dockside -- the first question i faced was, why did you go to the dark side?

It is not about going to the dark side.

I have gotten to help the company's early and help them scale.

I want to do the same thing as a board member and a colleague and helping them higher great people and work with them as they build a great company.

Thank you.

Back over to you.

The correct coming up, -- coming up, we'll go to where they are developing designs for a huge battle ships.

? this is the early edition of "bloomberg west" and i'm cory johnson.

You can also catch as letter read 6:00 p.m. eastern, 3:00 p.m. pacific.

You can find one of the largest ship testing facilities in the world cannot open in the 1940's where the navy tests its ships before they ever had to open water.

But every navy ship has been tested here at the naval surface warfare center.

Computer models are used to read the flow of wind and water.

High-speed cameras capture under were explosions.

The three printers have been used for decades . they are basically a technical adviser for the navy for mechanical and electrical engineering for the navy's ships, submarines, come back and crafts, and unmanned vehicles.

But the highlight of the campus is the base in, one of the largest facilities out of its kind in the world.

The navy open the base in 1940, after finding that the bethesda, md.

5 have a solid bedrock to support the pools, access to water, and proximity to the navy's washington offices.

We work with our industry partners to develop the the different aspects of using advanced compositional -- computational tools.

We also developed physical models of the ship to scale.

They use the unit facility with specialized consultants.

We have an agreement with industry to come in and work with our engineers for the difference experimentation required to advance and develop the navy ship design.

Every two years, the base and hosts the international submarine race, to challenge kids in high school science and engineering.

Correct they had a look at dynamics, a boy and see and wait.

A look at systems engineering and a myriad of real world designed and challenges.

Correct those students may not come up with the ship of the future every time, but chances are, the navy's next war ship will sail here in the maryland suburbs before it ever reaches the sea.

Interesting stuff.

That was peter cook.

It is the stuff of science fiction movies, but now it is bought for one person to control the behavior -- it is thought possible for one person to control the behavior of someone else.

? this is "bloomberg west" streaming on your tablet and phone and at

Scientists at university of washington say they have figured out how to transmit brain signals through the internet.

Jon ehrlichman, wait, i'm just going to think about you.

Is it working?

You could have all sorts of powers over me.

No, just imagine sending brain waves that could cause me to move my hand.

One of them was using a brain reading cap and the other colleague was on the other end and he triggered the actual motion.

One of them joins us via sky the from the university of washington.

That must have felt weird.

What was that like?

It did not feel that weird.

It is now work -- more weird than when you have the involuntary motion of your hand.

I was quite happy to see my and living without my control because it meant the experiment worked.

Explain to people why you're doing is and how long it has taken to get to this place.

We reason -- we believe in the future it will be able to transfer it into more complex patterns of movement.

For example, and more complex pattern of movement, or even more complex thing by performing surgery.

They are much more direct from one brain to another.

There was one narrow scientist who said this is like using a phone signal to drag your -- trigger a man in a joke magnetic jolt to the brain.

How would you respond to that?

Even when they did a brain drain communication between the rat brain and [indiscernible] there will always be some kind of interface between the two brings proof in this case, the idea was to make the interface known.

And as far as we know, we did that.

The funding comes from the university of washington, but also from the army's research office and the national institutes of health.

What do they want to get out of this?

They're hoping to control artificial things like computer screen and press public lands.

That is also the kind of research -- and prosthetic limbs.

That is off the kind of research that students are using as well.

And transmitting from ranger brain the the to deliver a signal -- from grain to brain to deliver a scene -- a signal, this is all part our research progress at the end of the day, how long?

Guys like me and core have been doing the same kind of stuff that you have been doing at the university of washington.

If you come here to washington, you couldn't get permission from the review board.

-- you could get permission from the review board.

The interesting thing will be when people will be able to transmit more sophisticated things.

It corrects plenty of possibilities.

It -- plenty of possibilities.

Thank you for sharing your research with us.

Cory can i send it back to you.

I was just thinking you were going to say that.

That is so weird.

More "bloomberg west" coming up just after the break.

? welcome back.

Coming up on a later edition of "bloomberg west", 6:00 on the east coast, while global maintained its lead on advertising mobley -- on mobil, facebook is quickly catching up.

We will break down a brand new numbers at 6:00. on the market is right here.

It i've got to good news for you.

All the major indices are trading in the green right now.

The dow was up about 76, the s&p trading higher by about 9.5, and the nasdaq up about 26 points.

The leading sectors, energy stocks.


Because of what is happening to oil.

It is spiking on concerns that tensions in syria could spill over the rest of the region and disrupt the oil supply.

Two stocks we also want to highlight at this hour, first, the deep water drilling seadrill.

They will be able to finance operations without additional shares.

Also, tiffany and company is down.

It was downgraded from a buy after reporting its earnings out yesterday.

Moving from rocks to crops, should only be preparing for record crops?

It is really a thing of the past?

The crops are in important growing phase, and the weather is turning pretty hot.

Alix steel has been digging into the crops.

How dire is the situation?

Compared to what we saw last year with corn, nowhere near there.

But there are some issues.

First, we had some heavy rain in the spring, which pushed back some planting of corn and soybeans.

Next, we had cooler temperatures, which was a surprise.

But now the hot weather is helping, but it is getting a little bit too hot.

Illinois and indiana are headed for their driest last two months since 1936. and corn and soybean is either having a rally.

It the soy has developed its pilots, and it is having a hard time doing that.

-- the soil has to fill up its pods is carving a hard time doing that .

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