Congress, Diplomacy Hold Key to Obama's Syria Plans

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Sept. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg chief Washington correspondent Peter Cook breaks down support on Capitol Hill for President Barack Obama's push for a military strike on Syria as plans are put on hold to allow diplomatic efforts time to find a resolution to the crisis. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers."

Stephanie, the dibble matta crisis over the situation in theory a remains unresolved.

President obama says he first wants to pursue a russian proposal that would have bashar al-assad surrender his chemical weapons stockpile.

Any agreement must verify that the regime keeps its commitments.

But this initial has the potential to remove the threat of chemical weapons without the use of force, particularly because russia is one of assad's strongest allies.

Our chief washington correspondent, peter cook, has more.

Peter, it sounds like the president was trying to have it both ways.

Early indications were that he did not get much up on capitol hill, but by hitting the pause button, he has spared the possibility of a really embarrassing defeat with that voter resolution, and judging by the reaction, still an uphill fight.

Either a form -- firm know or leading no.

That is more than enough to stand in the way.

He did make some inroads, i am told, with some of the leery democrat, and given trying diplomacy first, it will be harder to say no down the road, even if the talks with the russians blow up.

Putting a vote on hold, and here he is this morning on "in the loop," rep.


This could lead to the complete containment and ultimately the destruction of these chemical weapons.

That is really the perfect outcome.

That is the best case scenario.

The question is, what happens if diplomacy fails?

The president will have to deliver another speech in a few days.

Will it have the same effect?

It could be the president comes to regret last night's appearance, because it could diminish things down the road.

We all know the president is going to be speaking about syria in the next few days.

What else is the administration going to do to position itself to get what it wants out of the situation, clearly not easy right now?

First and foremost, he is dispatching secretary kerry to go meet his russian counterpart.

That is a crucial meeting as they try to negotiate this proposal.

Can it be enforceable?

That is one of the questions right now, and they continue to try to shore up support on capitol hill if for no other reason than to keep that threat on the table during the conversations with the russians.

Will they want to do something that includes the diplomatic initiative and the threat of military action down the road, i would be surprised if we see any votes in the short term up on capitol hill, because right now, as we indicated, those votes are likely to fail.

Peter, thank you very much.

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