Coming Soon: Data-Free Roaming Across Europe?

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March 10 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Hans Nichols reports on the CeBIT Technology Fair and the partnership between the U.K. and Germany to combine British ingenuity with German engineering. He speaks to Anna Edwards and Mark Barton on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)


What do you -- what do they have to say?

Quiz and are the to cohost -- they are the to cohosts.

Combining british ingenuity with the german engineering.

If you harmonize all of the different regulatory regimes, you can add data free mobile roaming across europe.

Here is how cameron put it.

If germany and the u.k. agree to work together to improve the telecom single market.

One of the long-term ambition of the european commission but want to take steps that deliver benefits to business and consumers quickly and including the complete elimination of mobile roaming charges.

Just some of the themes happening at to be --the conference is big data.

His remarks were more lengthy and tech specific than merkel was kind of the whole.

He talked about the need for 5g, that means download a movie in about one second.

I do not know if it's a short movie or a long movie, they have catching up to do.

South korea is a couple years ahead.

All of this about date ability, what is that?

I thought it was a another german word.

It is data and responsibility.

That is what angela merkel talked about.

A responsibility corporation have to customers and protecting down.

We have talked about that and this comes on the heels of potentially new revelations by wikileaks julian assange gave a interview to sxsw talk about new revelations about what the government is collecting on you.

Look for this to be a theme all week.

The zone of privacy for individuals and consumers and what corporate responsibility is to protect the zone.

Thank you.

The founder of the china less

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