Comcast, Charter Said to Near Pact on TWC

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Jan. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Comcast is near a deal to buy New York City, North Carolina and New England cable assets from Charter Communications Inc. if shareholders approve Charter’s takeover bid for Time Warner Cable Inc., people with knowledge of the matter said. Alix Steel reports on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

Chime order -- comcast has an agreement to buy time warner cable plus new york, north carolina, and eastern markets if this deal goes through.

That does come with about $20 billion of debt.

This would give charter action the money if the deal went out -- wound up going through.

They consult rogue rimming, advertising, -- they can sell programming and advertising to a larger group of people.

John malone owns 27% of charter, and has been calling for consolidation within the cable industry to help with pricing power.

To reiterate command charter communications is accessible with its bid to buy time warner cable, kind cap will buy time warner cable's new york, north carolina, and new england cable.

Comcast will not be in any other part of the deal.

Thank you, alix steel.

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