Colts QB Luck Gets Into the Sponsorship Game

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Sept. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck discusses pro athletes taking equity stakes in brands with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

Some athletes . andrew luck achieved what many would like, an equity share in a company can for him, a newly inked deal with body armor super drink.

I asked him how it came about.

It was the find creative part of the agreement.

I was drinking body armor a lot in the off-season.

I told my agent about it and how much i enjoyed it.

He contacted the folks at body armor.

In part of the negotiations, the equity i get him up.

I know i am excited about it can i am -- about it here and i am invested in the future -- i know i am excited about it.

I am fully invested in it.

It is a new idea for athletes to get invested in a product . david drake got $20 million for his half of 1% stake in vitamin water.

Do you hope the same thing happens to body want -- to body armor super drink?

Sure, of course.

More not?

-- why not?

But i am just happy to be part of the body armor superteam, if you will.

Hopefully, we can help the company grow and get the product out to a bunch of people.

I do think it is great and better than the alternative or your run-of-the-mill sports drink.

I know you are a part of a group of nfl rookies and have a partnership agreement with pepsi and gatorade.

What does the equity stake in super drink mean for your relationship with pepsi and gatorade?

The deal with gatorade and pepsi was a one-year thing.

I definitely wouldn't consider myself a spokesman for gatorade during that year.

That ran out and i enjoy body armor.

You have to be part of the body armor team, enjoy using it.

It gives me an advantage when working out and training.

Happy to be a part of the team.

No longer your rookie year, but after one year, a lot of people say that the game starts to slow down a little bit and you get used to the faster pace of the nfl.

Has that started to happen for you?

A little bit.

It is still a challenge week in and week out and phenomenal football players in this league.

Mary team is good.

I know that is terribly cliche, but having a year under your belt definitely helps.

Just to the experience and knowing what to expect.

What do you think of the season so far?

There have been a lot of close games.

There is incredible parity in the nfl.

We suffered a tough loss this week against the dolphins, but we are excited for a chance to go out to san francisco and play very good team in the 49ers.

Speaking of where you are in a and in apple is, i know you have very big shoes to fill with peyton manning.

How do you feel about the community there?

He had roots there as well.

These are pretty big shoes to fill for you.

Obviously, i have the utmost respect for payton and what he has done as a football player.

Having been in indianapolis for over a year now, you realize how much he did for the community.

He has really set the standard and the benchmark for the quarterback position and how to be a quarterback on and off the field.

I would definitely consider him a role model in that sense.

But i never viewed coming here as having to replace peyton manning or fill his shoes.

I viewed it as an opportunity to play quarterback in the nfl for a great franchise.

My think you would go crazy if you tried to compare yourself to peyton when he woke up every day.

He has done so many wonderful things.

But he is also a sort of benchmark and standard for quarterback played.

What advice would you give as far as investment strategy for somebody who is just beginning now?

Someone who is just entering college about how to think about the business opportunities?

You realize the wonderful opportunity that you can afford it and make a fair amount of money as a young the data -- a young adult, doing something that you love here in i don't -- that you love.

I don't think you need to change your spending habits and he just because you have some money in the bank.

The average career is very short in the nfl.

If you can use being in the nfl as an opportunity to open up avenues for investments or to further your education or saving your money, then take full advantage of those.

Andrew luck speaking about his equity stake in then you

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