Civil Rights Act Remarkably Successful: Krueger

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July 3 (Bloomberg) -- Former Council of Economic Advisers Chairman Alan Krueger discusses the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

I'm tom keene.

This is what matters to alan krueger, our guest host.

He is one of the most eclectic and wide ranging interests in economics.

He is focused on july 2, 1964. the half-century of improvement seen due to lyndon baines johnson's civil rights act.

I remember how contentious it was.

Has it been a successful civil rights act?

I think it has been remarkably successful and is an example of economics where the research was initially quite controversial.

Some people argued it had a beneficial effect.

Others argued it was illusory.

It was not beneficial, and the consensus is that it had a very beneficial effect, helping african-americans narrow the gap between everyone else.

Where is that debate in 2014? i think it is still with us.

We still have tremendous racial inequality.

It is more subtle.

It is harder for public policy to address, but it is still important that the federal government remain vigilant when it comes to discrimination in the workplace.

We have seen demographics do better and do worse, and i know this has been a part of your research.

Other minorities have struggled along.

What is the best economic research, what does it say about the partition of our minorities in 2013 -- in 2014? the gaps have been growing, but mainly because we are seeing a spreading apart between the bottom and the top.

Minority groups at the bottom are swimming uphill, swimming against the tide.

When you adjust for the rise in inequality overall, we are still seeing a continued narrowing of the gap.

What do we need to do k-6, k-8 in education?

Are we succeeding there?

We have to start with pre-gayk and do better with pre-k. president obama has talked about preschool and we need to find a better way to pray for it.

-- to pay for it.

It helps in those grades you were talking about and it provides the foundation for k-8. very good.

Alan krueger with us from princeton university.

He will talk about janet yellen's very important speech.

I did not expect it, i got this

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