Chopra: Baby Boomers Never Accepted the Status Quo

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Feb. 5 (Bloomberg) –- Chairman & CEO Steve Leber and The Chopra Foundation Founder Dr. Deepak Chopra discuss and the power of baby boomers with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg) and the social media, at first blush, you could say one is new age, one is old, and what attracted you to this world of

But i have always followed the boomers.

I have sold concert tickets to them, and now they are the most important new group that we really are following.

This boomer generation is the wealthiest that has ever been on the face of the earth.

Grandparents is a community.

I have studied many of the sites, many other companies, but one thing we all have in common as grandparents is we are all about family.

We all have grandchildren.

We care about our families.

I thought i could pull them together into one organization, the american grandparents association, that would basically offer up products, services, and other things to make seniors a really significant, more important group of people that nobody is marketing two.

Right now, no one markets to them.

Only five percent of the money is spent in the senior market.

It is amazing.

The 50-plus market.

Everybody is marketing 18 to 36, 18 to 49. they stop at 49. you mean there is life after 49. aarp.

They have never had a significant competitor.

By building the grandparents community together, we can compete with aarp, which is the largest organization, membership organization, in the country.

That is where we are.


deepak chopra, come on in on this.

I thought that the theme was they were fighting against their parents, so this common theme, what grandparents have in common, how does that translate into everyday life?

Steve mentioned something.

He said the baby boomers are the most our full, most economically prosperous people on the planet, but there is one thing else.

One other thing about baby boomers.

They never accepted the status quo.

It is our generation that started the feminist movement, started the peace movement, the ecology movement, racial equality, gender equality, so now we are questioning what it means to be old.

That is why i have created a program with them called timeless youth, and the program says you can have the wisdom of experience and the biology of youth, that your biomarkers of youth do not have to follow yesterday's idea.

Today's 80 is yesterday 60. today's 60 is yesterday's 40. we are seeing a new era, i am telling you, in how we get older, how we contribute to society, how we relate to our grandchildren, how we create social networks where grandparents are a coherent community that can offer and make great contributions to our world.

I am feeling younger just listening to you.

That is great.

One rockstar, a group of rock stars.

All sorts of other groups that i manage, but i now have gone from handling really super rock stars to some of the greatest people on earth.

A super rock star.

He does not realize it or take any credit for it, but he is one of the most listened to and talk to people on the earth.

He is a rockstar, and i am really proud to have him as part of grandparents, our organization.

George harrison.

We are connected, in many ways, even before this.

Ok, we are going to continue the conversation.

We have more with steve leber and deep october.

More on the music industry and mind.

And coming up, a new approach to fighting heart disease.

I will interest you in a new company called sunshine heart that aims to attack the disease from the inside out.

This is "taking stock" on bloomberg.

? this is "taking stock" on bloomberg.

I am pimm fox.

Our guests are the mind-body pioneer, dr.

Deepak chopra.

The social website, steve leber is the chief executive of

And just a roll of what grand plans -- grandparents play.

One of the biggest themes of the financial recession that we went through, 2008, 2009, is that young people went back to live at home.


The generation we are talking about, my generation, the baby boomers.

They were of a different mindset.

They did not spend money that they had not earned to buy things to impress people they did not like.

Therefore, they were never responsible for what we called the economic crisis.

There was a zeitgeist that said to spend with in your means, live within your means.

The new generations do not do that.

They do not know how to do that, so they are coming home, and it is a pleasure to support them, but it is also time to say, your program is "taking stock," we should be taking stock of our lives, how the quality of our lives is more important than anything else.

You have a generation right now, you have a mindset right now that is totally distracted.

What most people do not understand is that multitasking is the one thing that gets worse with practice, and it destroys your brain.

It has the same effect of some of the addict did drugs, because it is an addiction.

You are on twitter.

You are checking your e-mail.

You are speaking with me at the same time.

In reality, you are not doing any of them, and that is why through the timeless youth program, we are teaching you how to be mindful, how to enjoy life, how to change the biological markers of aging, because as i said, there is epigenetics, which says your thoughts, your feelings, your personal relationships, the attitude you have towards aging, all of this actually regulates genetic activity.

It is gene expression.

You can have two twins who are born with identical genes, and look at them 25 years later, and one will have a healthy genome expression, and the other will have an unhealthy genome expression ship -- expression.

We are creating a global community starting in the united states of well-being, radical well-being.

Steven, i am wondering if you can connect this with your experience in the entertainment and music industry.

You have collected data working with people whose job it is to perform and entertain others.

At is not necessarily something you can quantify, but it is personal experience.

Someone can come to you and say, how do you do this?

How do you handle a difficult situation?

Is that similar to a role that grandparents play?

Wax that is exactly what is happening.

The grandparent role is becoming the focal part of the family, so it will be, i believe, health care, for example, can not now be managed by corporations.

We will go broke.

Now, the grandparent must take action to prevent diabetes.

They have to really watch their children.

Even watch their grandchildren, so we now can it eliminate or reduce diabetes in this country.

It has to come from someone you respect, and that is a grandparent.

Would also apply to today's news that cvs caremark is going to phase out the sale of tobacco products in its stores, that that is a generational expression of what someone wants to achieve?

You can do it.

That is exactly what deepak is all about.

It is changing in the world.

It is not ok to hurt people.

It is not ok to destroy their health.

Health reform is not health reform.

It is insurance reform, as we look at it.

True health reform will come when we take responsibility individually and collectively to create well-being for ourselves.

You mentioned aarp.

They are a very powerful force when it comes to government legislation.

What role would something like play as an activist to change certain things?

Whether it be tobacco products being sold in cvs or other stores or even taking a stand on the affordable care act?

We are not martyrs.


we are going to be advising.

We are going to create trust.

What you asked me before, one of the things we had with all of our groups, if you look at all of my acts, still performing today, they were not just throw away acts.

The same thing with the brands that i created when it was teenage ninja turtles.

I did the moscow circus.

I did things that lasted and had character.

This is what it is all about.

We have the most trusted brand out there.

Trust was built by aarp.

No doubt about it, they became number one.

There was a change.

People want more.

And there needs to be a competitor.

There needs to be someone who offers seniors -- for instance, one of the biggest problems in this country, when you go to a store and you fill out those forms, there is breakage in rebates.

We will have a rebate program on the market.

It is called the great card.

-- gray card.

We are learning to work in this community and build trust.

Deepak is all about trust.

I just want to ask you, steve n, how many?

I have seven.

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