Cheesesteaks and Springsteen: 76ers CEO’s Faves

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Jan. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Scott O’Neil, CEO of the Philadelphia 76ers, offers up his preferences in sports, food and entertainment on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

A mid atlantic superstar.

We want to know your preferences.

We start off -- dr.

J e class versus culture here.

I love them both.

I will say ai.

I know him well and it is difficult with a passion.


It is -- the action is constant.

You appreciate what they do on stage.

This one is close to home.

I will say the garden.

It is terrific.

The screens they have in the lobby are amazing.

New work or philly.

I will say philadelphia.

I spent a lot more time there.

I am learning to love no work, but i have not spent as much time there.

Cheesed take versus taylor ham.


I am a jim's guy.

Not a gino's guy.

No, jim's. both had sad faces last night.

Eli manning or peyton manning.


He has one more super bowls.


We will the digital.

Angry birds.


Scott o'neill likes the flying pigs.

Bruce springsteen or bon jovi.

Not even close.

Do you follow him around.

Class i have not that i have been to a lot of establishments were bruce --

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