Is the 'Connected Home' Ready for Prime Time?

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Jan. 9 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Sam Grobart and Elevation Partners Co-Founder & Managing Director Roger McNamee discuss products making headlines at the Consumer Electronics Show with Cory Johnson and Alix Steel on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

I've been there many times.

You have been there.

Roger has been there many times.

What are we missing?

So much.

There were big tvs and then bigger tvs.

A connected car and home.

And garmin.

Can i say, garman?

That is a new thing.

I am still not sure.

You know, the risk things, i do not think that is quite ready for prime time.

What i did see, a return to the home, there has been a lot of focus in the last few years on mobile.

Maybe in part because it is just not a big mobile show anymore.

They were emphasizing the connected home.

You have things from sam song, trying this.

My refrigerator cost to make, is that?

Yes -- yes.

In the past, there have been refrigerators, pdf's, but this year, you have got a low-power bluetooth that allows these things to be done so cheaply.

Class you also have a ready-made controller.

You have multiple things.

Of course i do.

Seriously, i am actually traveling light today.

I only have two phones and three ipads and a computer.

I am out of the blackberry business after 15 years.

Why do you carry three ipads?

I need all the storage and they have completely different things.

One is just movies, and i keep that in my briefcase when i'm traveling.

One is set up with my music stuff, which will come up later on.

Also, guitar stuff.

Think of it as, there are all these great apps for learning licks and whatever.

I have a ton of that death and my current one, on which i have my reverb.

Other things, i use for business.

You have two phones.

There are two major carriers in the u.s. and they both -- both have a blind spot wherever i happen to be at the moment.

One phone for verizon and one for at&t? it is worth then that.

I have two for each.

During baseball season, depending where i am, i carry three phones.

I like to watch phillies games.

Throat against the walls?

You need to replace it?

It is actually, because of the horrible regulation in the u.s., our service is the worst in the world.

I look at it and say, you cannot realistically get through a three-hour baseball game on either carrier without major interruptions.

I am constantly going back and forth.

I do not pretend what i do is normal.

What i do is try to figure out where the breakpoints are in new technology and which things other people can use.

The profound thing, where your point is so important, is that the phase is shifting from making standalone systems like iphones and android, to taking that technology and applying it to everyday things.

There is a startup making the thermostat.

The smoke alarm, maybe not.

They for sure got the thermostat thing.

You see there are people -- loctite has a version of -- i sit there and go, that stuff will be important.

What is weird is there are so many of them.

Why do i need it?

If you think about the way this can be applied, your home can wake itself up as you awake.

It can lock itself down when you leave.

To me, it is the ad hoc stuff that matters.

The cable person is coming and they're coming between noon today and 4:00 p.m.. right now, you have got to be home between then.

You can be a way, you can look at them through your webcam and see it as the cable guy and let him and and locked the door behind him.

A drop cam, they built in a hug a bluetooth le hub, into the devices.

They think they might be a more central part of that.


Not necessarily.

We're talking about systems that are very low cost.

One of them starts with a hub that cost $99. think back to home automation.

We heard about it going back to lifestyles of the rich and famous, and there was a system in his house that cost $750,000. it is now coming down to $99 and it is not just for single-family homes very leveraging existing gadgets and tech.

You have a fit bit on your wrist, which can detect when you're up.

When you wake up, -- i hit a button and it tells me i'm awake.


I can send a signal, which can then direct other things in your house to turn on.

Basically everything in our world will be an apt.

Everything will be connected to an apt.

-- app.

The thing you want to be connected, it will be possible at a low cost.

A big difference.

Question number the roomba vacuum cleaner?

To me, a great example of the kind of platform you are talking about.

There are videos where people put their cap on there with the laser pointer and drive them around.

People have made these mob -- modifications to put toddlers on them and keep toddlers entertained.

I called up a board member and said, this is a great roddick idea.

You need to make -- actually, the roomba, if you sit there, it is inherently a safe device.

It already knows not to go over

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