CES 2014: What’s Hot on Tech’s Cutting-Edge?

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Jan. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg senior West Coast correspondent Jon Erlichman previews the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

All sorts of gizmos.

The event officially kicks off today.

Already, there is a lot going on.

What have you liked the most?

If you need stereo equipment, i'm your guy.

You walk these football fields of floors and you feel your in an electronics shop.

There is like 20,000 products here.

Everyone is trying to pitch you.

There are different storylines.

There is what you might encounter as you walk into each of these booths and there is the top line corporate stories.

Many people were talking yesterday about the future of television, lg and samsung doing large events and talking about curved devices but everybody is looking for attention.

You highlighted the comments from the ceo of intel.

Qualcomm has a big event dish service providers are here.

Everybody is trying to get their message out.

Wearable technology, 3-d printing, the future of television are a few to watch out for.

I still don't yet bendable tvs.

I think it's pretty cool.

It's not just devices but you have been talking to many people there about the future of mobile.

You got a chance to speak to several mobile executives?

A lot of companies have to move quickly.

Like barry is a great example.

It is going through a massive shift because they are moving away from the retail consumer at blackberry.

The ceo, john chen, is here addressing the government opportunities for the business.

We spoke exclusively to him and he shared interesting insights about whether he prefers touch screens or keyboards.

I personally love the keyboards.

You will look to black area going forward to keyboards.

I would not use the word exclusive but predominantly.

That is interesting, maybe they are toying with touchscreen technology.

There are also carriers like at&t and t-mobile battling customers -- battling for customers.

One ceo suggested this.

We are making money on every product we sell.

We also see there is a huge demand for people who want more flexible plans.

You see it with the success of at&t and t-mobile.

Withmotox, it is 399 dollars with no contract which gives people choice and they can bring it to the carrier of their choice.

If a different plan comes up, they can move.

Aside from what the phone looks like, the cost of the phone and the carrier plan will continue to get attention here.

John leger made headlines last night for walking into an at&t event and getting kicked out.

He has an event later this week.

He loves to pull some and adjusting antics.

Speaking about dominating the headlines, the one thing that michael bay did not want to dominate was his awful meltdown on stage.

He got lost with the teleprompter.

He just left the samsung event where they were unveiling their new television sets.

How big of a deal is that?

Nobody could talk about anything else.

People spent all this money setting up these very polished presentations and everyone is dying to see somebody slip up.

Last year they talked about the sony ceo and a tv that was not working properly.

This year it is michael bay.

This cut so much attention that you have to wonder if samsung actually benefits from all the coverage.

Poor guy, the nice thing about social media is he left the stage and then he immediately can set the teleprompter messed up and he got some sympathy from people online.

He said he was embarrassed and explained what happened.

Rating a prompter is really that difficult.

-- reading a prompter is really that difficult.

There you go.

Great to see you, thank you

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