CES 2014: Do You Really Need a Bendable TV?

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Jan. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News’ Thomas Giles previews the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show and the companies who are skipping the event on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Between the technology companies that have shown up to the show in those that have not yet go microsoft and apple are not there this year?

Some of the biggest tech components have never been a big presence.

Microsoft for example.

That shows the shift.

We have been talking for a long time about how microsoft has changed what it does and the perception of what the gridlock is.

No longer a company that is all that relevant when it comes to smart phones or personal computing.

Apple there is a snobbery there.

Too cool.

They do their own unveiling and on their terms.

They do not need to go to ces.

I am not a big fan but the fact is a lot of cool stuff is launched here.

Starting back in 1967, thanks to the people at wikipedia, the idea of the vcr in 1970. the compact disc 11 years later.

Plasma tv.

Tablet a couple of years ago.

There is a couple of things to keep in mind.

One of them is enviable -- bendable tvs.

Kind of like fahrenheit 451. it gives you flexibility in terms of where you put your tv, how you watch your tv.

Lex but that is a good point from tom, which is why do you want a bendable tv?

Other than it looks really cool, why do you want one?

It is a wow factor and also where do you put your tv?

These guys need to find a way to get new revenue, the next big thing.

I have been writing a lot about microeconomics.

Is it still true at ces, every product has to get down to a tipping price point?

Rice really matters in all of this.

You need more and more people coming into the market.

One person doing bendable will not cut it.

It has to become much more affordable.

We need a celebrity to really screw up.

You got this for us this morning.

Give us the background on this.

I am sure that you saw this already.

Michael day coming out, the director.

Bad day for samsung.

Cannot follow the teleprompter, becomes frustrated, and walks off the stage.

Let show you what happened.

I try to take people on an emotional ride.

The curve, how do you think it will impact?

I am sorry, i am sorry.

For those of you on worldwide , you did not miss anything.

That was better on radio and tv.


day came out, it missed the teleprompter or something in the silence you heard on reading -- on radio.

Good morning.

Why did he not have it on his samsung watch as backup?

How did that go over?

It completely took over the coverage.

The twitter sphere took off.

Sam grobart went to apple computer.

They took the high ground that they will not go to the low ground.

Who is winning though we will make a lot of apple versus samsung we will sell one jillion phones and make no money?

Who was winning the battle?

You are seeing the results.

Apple realizes it has to go down market to some degree as well.

Not going as low as some people say they have to, but they will increasingly be pushed in that direction.

This place is a business of globalization and international korean company and a american company, a new mobilization or the same old globalization?

One reason they are going down market is because so many of the consumers are coming into place the new middle class does not have the cash that they do in the united states and europe.

And they understand you have to have connectivity, great products and have the same kind of aspiration or brand that you do in the u.s. samsung is fighting a little bit of the battle in that u.s. companies are very innovative in south korea and china.

They are not generating pete all that are innovative enough that can create an apple.


certainly true you do not have the kind of entrepreneurship to develop these kinds of products that you do in the united states.

I would not underestimate the ability to get off the curve quickly.

They surprised us how quickly they were able to develop.

They surprised us how quickly they could be as efficient as we are in food cost dosing technology.

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