Carlos Slim Threatens to Call Off Pursuit of KPN

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Aug. 30 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Deirdre Bolton discusses today's top story out of Latin America. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers."

Hayes talked about emphasizing loyalty programs, the smaller store format, a tailor promotions.

We've also seen increases in the private-label migration of consumers.

All shoppers are probably looking to this.

In the past, you would look to the store brands as the off label, as not as desirable.

But in this environment, when people want to save money they are offering more of those things under vote -- under their own label to drive value.

Harvesting more of the margins.


Kekst julie hyman with -- julie hyman with the latest on organic coursers.

Carlos slim may call off his latest attempt to talk -- to enter europe's telecom market.

He already owns 30% of dutch carrier kpn making a bid for majority control.

For now, kpn occupy -- has exercised an option to block his offer.

Slim's company fired back this morning saying that if the kpn foundation does not back off, it is prepared to withdraw the offer.

He wants to use kpn to is -- to expand beyond latin america into europe.

Yet a 24% stake in an austrian film company.

We have exceeded 26 minutes past the hour.

Time for bloomberg on the markets.

The market day in europe and in just a few moments.

The eurozone is holding at a record high level in july.

You can see what is going on right before the close there.

Let's just say, our market is borrowing a little bit of town from the european market.

We are in iran as well we will take quick -- we are in the red as well.

With a quick break.

? the the amount ranger, after earth, pacific rim, world war z, there have been a number of mega budget flops over the summer.

Why isn't the movie industry worry?

If there is one less than the big studios should have learned this summer, what is it?

Adding the big lesson is cost containment.

-- i think the big lesson is cost containment.

The numbers are actually pretty good.

There are on pace to get above the $4.4 billion mark at the box office that was set in 2011. but that does not paint the whole picture.

If you look at the cost of making and marketing these giant libby's, it goes through the roof.

It is putting a lot of pressure -- these giant movies, it goes through the roof.

It is putting a lot of pressure.

Even if americans are not watching the movies that erik just alluded to here -- i'm thinking of the pacific rim.

We were just talking about how connie bwest tweeted that it was the best movie ever seen.

These are selling overseas.

Does that affect the global picture?

It does.

Something like this agreement, which was not a big hit in the u.s., is doing well in asia, especially in china.

A movie like that was made in part for the asian market.

It has the tradition of the manga and the monster part that came true.

It is an amazing feat.

Is the fault with the observer?

We are guilty of too much navel gazing, thinking that the success of the box office has to do with the u.s., when in reality it is overseas?

And speaking of china, in just about seven years from now, that china will top the list of the top grossing movie markets.

There is focused their right now, but it is a state run media organization that controls the input of movies.

The studios have to bend over backwards to even get their movies to play in china.

And there are problems about taxes, that the movies are not receiving the money that the box of this has generated, because there is a fight over whether the films are going to be tapped.

It is a gigantic market still, and they love movies.

It is a huge area of focus.

Lesson number one, pay attention to overseas and the prospects there.

Lesson no.

2, the if you do a sequel, i'm thinking you might have some luck.

Those are the movies that did well here.

People complain about how there are so many sequels, but time and again, the results show that people like sequels.

Iron man 3, monsters university, despicable me 2, 22. -- grown-ups 2. these are all popular movies.

And you can sleep at night if you have a sequel coming.

It is no sure thing, but there's less risk.

If you look at the movies that flopped the summer, things like the lone ranger, after earth, ripd, which was a reign reynolds jeff bridges movie.

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