Facebook Prospects Better Than Twitter: Kirkpatrick

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Sept. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Twitter's market debut will be the most anticipated initial public offering since Facebook listed last year, and the microblogging service is making sure to avoid some of its rival’s pitfalls. Author of "The Facebook Effect" David Kirkpatrick speaks with Tom Keene on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

Good morning.

When you look at this deal.

Cut to the chase.

Do you have the same enthusiasm about twitter as he had about facebook?


First of all, i don't own any facebook shares.

At the bottom line is, no.

As much as i respect twitter and i love it as a service and i think it has an extraordinary brand and probably around for a long time, it is by no means a company of the scale and gravity and long-term potential as facebook.

What should the bankers have learned from a morgan stanley debacle?

Well, i just think that -- i don't think facebook and twitter need to be compared.

Whatever problems facebook had in its ipo honestly i think are not really relevant to twitter.

I think it was a one-time event.

Mistakes were made by the company clearly and by the nasdaq.

I think twitter is probably a company that will come in at roughly 1/10 the size of facebook.

I think the prospects for it to grow the revenue that scale are somewhat smaller, although they are growing nicely from a relatively small base at the moment.

The good thing about twitter is from the beginning it was designed to be a mobile service, and we are entering into an era where the internet is mobile and mobile is the internet.

So, twitter is well positioned in the sense that it works well on mobile, but it is also so simple that it really actually is very constrained in terms of becoming something much more.

We hear that sheryl sandberg is at the same meeting you are attending at the world economic forum, chief operating officer at facebook.

Is she talking about this?

She came and went.

She was very much talking about leadership and women and leaning in and stuff like that.

She is not here any longer.

The conference is actually winding down now.

But i do believe she was going quite a bit of conversation with government regulators, as has been reported.

And a lot of people here just trying to figure out what the chances are, what the status would be if they spoke were to try to reenter china, or try again to enter china as they have done once before.

However she wants -- however much she wants to do it, it is not nearly as much as mark zuckerberg wants to do it.

It remains probably the top thing he has been sorted from.

The holy grail for facebook.

I want to bring it back to twitter.

Twitter filing through the confidence ipo option.

Will it help or hurt?

Maybe it is helping because it is adding an element of mystery to this whole thing.

It may begins it a little bit more time in the news cycle, which is what will happen -- what will help.

It gets people psyched up.

It will be a successful ipo, because people have -- a lot -- have a lot of affection for the brand, extremely well-known, a hot company, much awaited.

But i still don't think that twitter has really proven itself as a business of scale.

It does have some clever advertising in the stream, but it is constrained in the way he can will.

I would love to know from tom -- a big fan of vine, one of the new features.

I don't know if they will make money.

I went on from instagram, six seconds to 15 seconds, it shows the ecological progress.

Greatly appreciate it.

"the facebook effect." i love the book, about real engineers in real technology.

Garlic, you were in asia.

A dumb question.

Is twitter in china?

They are blocked in china.

They have their own servers along the same lines but you do not have twitter per se.

Jeffrey mccracken, head of deals reporter, looking down the road, they point to international for facebook.

What is twitter positive potential?

Limited because they are not in china.

Taking down the valuation of little bit.

Nobody doubts the eyeballs and the potential impacts, but how do you monetize that?

Will people be ok with advertising flutter their twitter account?

I begged you in the next couple of days to write about the so-called jobs act.

A lot of the viewers and me don't understand the method

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