Can the Bull Market Really Run for Another Decade?

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June 24 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Scarlet Fu and Michael Regan examine a call by BMO Capital Markets chief investment strategist Brian Belski that sees the current bull market possibly extending for another decade. They speak in “On The Markets” on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Many are wondered how much longer the bull market can last.

One person says it has the legs to keep running.

He believes that it is possible that the bull market could last another 10 years.

Another decade with average yearly return of about 10.5%. for the next 10 years?

It is possible.

It is not nostradamus.

One of the big linchpins in his.

A stocks had this bubble during the turn-of-the-century.

He looked back at other lost decades.

There was one in 1982 and one and in the 1940's. following the lost decades, there have been strong, sustainable rallies in stocks.

That is how he came up with the 10.5% return.

It's interesting that he would include the rebound after 2009 as the last decade.

You also mentioned demographic trends.

The aging of our population has led a lot of people to think about the continuing bond rally.

He thinks dividends is competitive with bond yields for the baby boomer generation.

They're looking to build up the nest egg.

The children of the baby boomers will start to come into stock soon.

They are reaching that part of the aging spectrum.

Is he the only one out there making this kind of call?

I haven't seen anybody make a long-term tenure call.

Laster was a hard year for all strategists.

The market rallied so much last year.

It was about 17% away.

In 2012, he was almost right on the money.

He was only about 2% away.

We are looking for another 10 years of this bull market.

Tony dwyer is the most bullish analyst on wall street.

He has a 25 target for the s&p. it was pretty low coming into the year.

The theme there is don't fight the fed.

We will be back on the markets in 25 minutes.

"market makers" is next.


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