Can Larry Summers Win Fed Chief Confirmation?

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Sept. 5 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg chief Washington correspondent Peter Cook looks at sentiment in Congress on confirmation support for possible Federal Reserve Chairman candidates Larry Summers and Janet Yellen. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers."

That this is a decision that will come down to the presidential and the lawmakers may have their views but it is the president that will make the decision.

What is the feeling right now as to whether larry summers, if he is nominated by the president -- what's the feeling as to whether he could win confirmation in the senate?

It would not be an easy process but larry summers would win confirmation.

There are a number of senate democrats that have expressed their preference for janet yellin.

It is hard to imagine many of them voting against larry summers.

I am hearing from more republicans that if they are given the choice between those two options, more of them would prefer larry summers.

They don't all agree with what he would do but most of them know him and have dealt with him and know he is a known commodity.

They don't know janet yellin as much.

More republicans would prefer larry summers.

It does not mean it will be an easy confirmation.

There is a sense he would get the 60 votes needed.

I think it's fair to say that just of bout anyone who agrees with everything either might do.

Thank you very much.

For more on this issue, and the economy in general, let me bring in justin wolfers from the bookings institution.

-- the brookings institution.

I love the city.

Let's focus on the date, the idea that financial markets have passed judgment on the probability of a summers nomination and they are pricing treasury yields higher in anticipation.

Do you buy into that argument?

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