Can Apple Maps Catch Google Maps?

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July 19 (Bloomberg) -- Prioleau Advisors Founder Marc Prioleau discusses Apple Maps and Apple's acquisition of two companies to improve its mapping with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Why is hopstop so interesting?

The right number of criticisms.

You have to bring them.

It did not have transit directors.

Google has very successfully get from place to place on mass transit, that was notably lacking.

That was the lacking feature.

It is something that is hard to do.

It is interesting overdue acquisition.

Apple has always done acquisitions but quietly and small.

That would rather build than by it.

You essentially do investment banking for mapping companies.

Do anybody know if there are active, are they?

This is apples fourth and fifth apples -- acquisition.

Most of them have been pretty small.

It was an imagery acquisition that was misplaced.

These are pretty good acquisitions.

For different reasons, but they fit in there.

What is their gold?

Are they trying to make the mapping app that is workable or are they trying to catch google is work those are different objectives.

Why are they different?

My opinion is the google map app is really terrific.

Do you think that's a bad goal is to get toward or is a different quest mark is a different approach.

They are to organize the world.

Somewhere , they realized a huge truck has a location component to it.

They did not to look into the mapping apple but to organize locations.

That number is only getting bigger with mobile and the internet.

They go into it without the mindset.

May be that they literally top-down approach where is stuff?

Not what the stuff look like as you discover it.

The google app and i will add a waste -- wave shows you from a birdseye view but humid view what you are seeing.

An old-fashioned trueblue whenever.

If you look at where google is going now and where they are taking it, they are taking it to personalize the results.

If you search for something and i search for something, your results be different from mine.

They know you and they know me and they can hypothesize.

Most of the other guys in the space and apple is one, they are trying to button -- build a mapping app.

There's a difference and the vision they bring to it.

Although these acquisition for apple are very good.

They are smart and they fit with what they are doing.

That will bring the good functionality.

Are they in a rush?

You bias, you are in a hurry?

You look at locationary.

It would've been good three years ago.

Integrating and cleaning of the data and geo-data is notoriously messy.

It gives them some technology that really cleans it up and makes it work better.

Arguably, it is not in a rush.

They have done it three years ago, they would've, with 3 -- better results.

In this arena, we presume that google is a potential acquirer.

Companies are for sale, whoever will call back and say are you sure you do not want to bias there will be an offer.

Who else is on the table?

Is common -- toomm tom and here, garman?

To have so much information about, they should be a natural.

We passed on wave.

There's not been been a lot of activity for facebook.

That has taken a backseat.

They seem to not be doing as much.

Amazon is another link that will be interesting.

Samsung is another interesting one in there.

Samsung would like to build beyond the handset into the operating system.

Maps and locations to translate that is kind of a core functionality of it.

Garmin, not so much.

Tom-tom is more look at on the other side.

Is there a place where it is total or in brooklyn up teases?

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