Business Rethinking Support of Tea Party Candidates

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Oct. 18 (Bloomberg) -- David French, chief lobbyist at National Retail Federation, discusses how the business community is trying to counter act the impact of some members of the Tea Party following the government shutdown and plans to increase activity in elections. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

But the question is many are angry about washington's 16-day shut down, some planning on doing something about it, including trying to replace tea party conservatives with more business friendly candidates.

How frustrated are you david, with the republican party you support?

We frustrated with the small groups of folks in the republican party who have tried to capture the agenda and fight for prime si within the tea party movement as opposed to advancing an economic agenda that means more jobs, more economic growth, more opportunity.

So specifically, how does this debacle make you change your approach and the way you interact with the republican party and with these members so that you get the people who would be more pro business?


The tea party feels that they've been successful in congressional races by becoming more active, more engaged and even more angry than the opposition.

I think the business community, if we're going to fight back and take back control what's going on in washington we need to become more engaged, more active and even more angry.

Senator gregg, this is all great talk, hope, wish and prayer, but where is that traditional republican community.

Can they push back against people that really care about senator cruz?

This is not unusual in our system.

If you look at the democratic party they went through the same thing.

Then you had bill clinton come along with the d.n.c. and push the party back to a more responsible position.

I think that has to happen in our party.

We cannot allow folks who really have no interest at all in gonning, creating a personal culture to be the, to hold the microphone of the republican party.

They've got a role in the party.

Did you identify bill clinton?

I think paul ryan, he's willing to put forward proposals that could work.

Is paul ryan the kind of republican, david french, that you want to see?

That would be friendly for what you do?

Paul ryan's a very strong voice in washington, very pro business.

He's got a vision for the future and an economic growth, we would love to see paul ryan be a leader.

So what exactly are you going to do?

Are you going to start taking sides in primaries and have you ever done that before?

We have, we evaluate ever candidate.

Our pack has a plan, we evaluate every candidate based on whether they're pro business and pro retail.

We've engaged in primaries before.

I think this time around we'll look more closely at some of the house races, especially where you've got multicandidate races where some real wild cards can emerge and decide to get involved earlier.

Besides this shut down, what's the number one issue that would help you in your retail business?

You know, we really want to see the economy get back on its feet and we think tax reform is the most important thing that washington should focus on right now.

All right, dade french of the national retail federation.

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