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Nov. 28 (Bloomberg) -- The producers of "Bronx Bombers," a play about the New York Yankees opening on Broadway in 2014, discuss the business of mounting a sports-themed theatrical production. Actor Peter Scolari talks about playing the role of Yogi Berra in "Bronx Bombers." Stanford University Athletic Director Bernard Muir discusses the University's recent sustained success in football. (Source: Bloomberg)

At other sports themed play heading to broadway.

The producers thomas what separates "bronx bombers." it looks not fake or authentic.

Yogi berra is one of the most beloved figures.

Peter scolari faces the challenge, how do you bring, on stage?

Another species onball player.

The man who probably leaves nerd nation.

-- another species onball player.

It ain't over till it's over and we are just getting started.

Hello, i'm rick horrow.

And welcome to "sportfolio," bloomberg's weekly inside look at the business of sports.

Over the last few broadway seasons, several sports a thin shells had successful runs.

"lombardi" featured a veteran actor.

The relationship of two nba superstars.

2014, "bronx bombers" based on the history of the new york yankees will have performances at the circle and square, the team behind all the productions, fran kirmser and tony ponturo "sportfolio join us on "sportfolio -- join us on hello, i'm rick horrow.

And welcome to "sportfolio," bloomberg's weekly inside look at the business of sports.

Your elevator speech?

It tells the story and really focuses on that team, what is it to be a team?

Quite a lot of raw material to choose from.

-- a lot of raw material to choose from.

Tell us about the business.

The first and we do is we have to be authentic.

With lombardi and magic bird at major league baseball.

Also try to get the resources to marketing and their fan base.

It has to really be real.

All sports fans admit it looks fake are not authentic about we wander off.

I suspect theater as well.

The early partnership with the nba "magic bird" and "lombardi," both huge.

What are the implications?

That allows us to use players that are dated from paper route to derek jeter.

We are allowed to use -- from a paper route to derek jeter.

-- babe ruth to derek jeter.

We get them credit.

We are bringing them into broadway.

We are sitting in the middle of times square.

We think that the sum value.


We thought of it.

The creative side?

If i am a yankee fan or hater, what i want to see it?

At the end of the day, is about relationships.

These great man at what makes the team great.

We can all relate.

We know jukebox musicals, are big hits.

Are your place geared to this kind of model?

I think what is really fantastic about the sports we began with a prologue party -- "lombardi" it is an event.

That popular musical that every night.

In the event.

Something that is a must see.

Back to the business side, are these events relatively cheap to produce?

Where does this fit?

Relative to the numbers in the sports world, that are relatively cheap.

It does not feel like when you're producing of yourself.

You have to raise the capital at conference investors it can work and have a benefit.

-- and convince investors it can work it can work and have a benefit.

Relative to sports about but how about other broadway plays?

The plate budget.

4 times more expensive.

The other thing is from a business standpoint, we can create autograph signing for stuff like that.

We bring other dimensions into the show.

To afford for performances of "lombardi," it was amazing.

Did you make money?

Or break even on both?

That's information we never share.

Everybody involved was please with experience, these are important stories.

They are breathtaking story.

We feel very positive about both of them.

Do you make your calls to back -- cost back?

We have the rights to it.

Fran can produce it and eric simonson is our play right.

To your point, would continue to benefit from the show and if a revival.

I will be one of your biggest fans.

I will be there in january for "bronx bombers." is start january 10. performances start january 10. thank you for joining us on "sportfolio." keeping with the baseball stadium, with a heavy hitter.

You will no doubt recognize peter scolari as yogi berra.

We'll talk about bringing the alleged a resource character to the stage.

In a over till it's over.

We are used to it.

-- it ain't over till it's over.

Back to of "sportfolio" is coming up next.

Stay with us.

? it is safe to say that no sports figure has been quoted or misquoted more often than yogi berra.

Every generation recognizes his name at recognizes his brand.

The central character in the new place "bronx bombers." the man who will play him is veteran actor peter scolari.

Yogi is so familiar, is it easier or harder to play him?

You have to tell the yogi story full.

Make a sound familiar.


It is a wonderful place.

-- play.

I really excited.

My generation.

I got to meet the guy a couple of weeks ago and i am still not over it out it is whose them.

He is rooting for st.


Something i have to come to grips with.

I do not understand that.

We realize he delivered -- he was serious.

How do get up for that?

And a fine line.

So the stuff is quite wise.

He would assist i am sure that he meant nothing profound.

It ain't over till it's over that we are accustomed to.

What of my favorites is difficult a fork in the road -- if you come to a fork in the road -- do you say that?


give us a line.

I'm not memorized all of the lines.

Did you try to get in his head?

Probably a good thing.

What did you learn from him?

This play is about relationships and family at the macro family phenomenal.

What we see very early on is the yogi invested his heart and soul into the team.

His world was coming apart.

Anybody the cap yell at the umpire rejected robson is called -- anybody who has seen them yell at the umpire when jackie robinson is called -- losing his mind jumping up and down stop at a terror glimpse, which i am sure -- up and down.

-- and caring limbs, which i am sure he is capable of.

If anybody has ever caught a fastball knows it is a rugged animal.

Another species of onball player and maine -- of ball player and man.

I delved into the relationship with his wife.

My wife is going to play carmen.

We got to hang out with carmen at the yogi.

Watching the world series with the yogi and carmen and had hamburgers and hot dogs.

All of my years of show business, we'll call it entertainment, i have never seen anybody so patient and so pleasant and so easy-going and welcoming of attention and interest for two hours.

This guy gives himself over.

This phenomenal, iconic and i -- and i -- guy at 88 years old, down-home and present.

Would he do it for everybody or for you?

He did for everybody.


What you say if i asked him about you played his role?

He seems ok.

The jury is still out.

Are you yankees fan?

A huge yankees fan.

This play is more the craft of acting for me.

This disorder attribute, i feel like -- this is more every tribute, i feel like i owe something will stop -- something.

Speaking of the yankees perception, they are hated in a lot of different places.

Does the cast feel like they have a responsibility to make the audience alike these guys or just tell like this?

There's a pedal so phenomena.

It is human nature to hack away.

The yankees have 27 world championships since the dawn of baseball time.

You have to understand and allow that.

A lot of folks will see the yankees and taken down a notch.

That is human nature.

It will be an amazing event.

Thank you for being here.

Break a leg.

Do not pull a hamstring.

To buy very much.

-- thank you very much.

Coming up, wednesday the golden era of stanford football.

The man who runs the program, he gets the feeling it is no fluke.

A model for others.

How are you doing this?

This week stopper.

Can you name -- this week's stumper.

What have the answer when "sportfolio" returns -- we will have the answer when "sportfolio " returns.

? here's the answer to the stumper.

Nevers was the hero.

He might have difficulty with the naked ape -- nickname of nerd nation.

But it shows what bernard muir and try to accomplish.

From the interviews with our athletes, we have fun.

Students are really able to balance athletic and academics.

We celebrated that at every turn.

As the moniker that celebrates the best.

You have to do other things.

Officer, revenues are up.

That revenue is due tribute he it -- is distributing equally.

You have to leverage your success with the other downtrodden teams, how do you do it?

We are thrilled to be part of the pac-12. we do have stakeholders whether vested in our program.

The great extensive pac-12 coverage and also, build on that and build our brand.

Stafford football is about to complete a -- stanford football is about complete another winning season that has not happened since the 1960's. how do you as the ceo of the program manage expectations because i know you would say we want to build top every year?

How do you prepare people for long-term stafford reform -- stanford reform?

With that pressure, you do understand our folks overall what to do it appropriately and make sure we do it the right way.

It has to be measured.

I think people respect that.

Stanford has unique issues -- all good.

You have to manage their resume if it budgets.

-- manage very significant budgets.

Under the revenue side that makes this job different from other?

Resort is to our tv deal -- or resources through our tv deal . what is uniquely stanford is what to get from outside stakeholders.

If you look at our coaching endowments and position, pretty phenomenal.

We provide over printer scholarships.

-- 300 scholarships and they all have names attached to them.

It is so the model for others.

How are you doing this?

From a revenue standpoint -- on the expense side, unique challenges as well as opportunities.

One uniqueness of the expense side of the breath of our program.

32 parts and maybe two that offers that many -- scholarships.

Trying to appease the programs, not a coach i have met that this adapter list of enough items they want to accomplish.

We try to provide the best for our student athletes.

What we're going to provide.

When the head coach took over for the 49ers about -- 49ers, it dealt a tough blow.

Incredibly, stanford managed to make it without paying out the contract that has become standard and top level football schools.

When you look at numbers, using the reports and average salary -- you are pushing and 1.8 million.

How do you keep david shaw?

We try to hold up as best as we can.

We want to treat david -- and that's a power board of trustees and president will continue to look at.

Not trying to be number one, best in class, there is something unique.

What to treat david and keep an eye -- we want to treat david and keep an eye on that.

I am sure you heard him say there is something unique about the special place.

If you pay scale and access, how do you do it?

We review it year and year out.

Various conversations we have.

At the same token, we do not take them for granted.

You have to pay top dollar to attract top talent.

You are pretty staunch advocate for paying what it takes to get the best.

The board of trustees and president, in order to stay competitive, antiseptic well to keep watch -- it is something we have to keep in watchful eye on.

I to believe and david.

He loves it here.

Will monitor the landscape and muscle had provide for him -- oh and we also have to provide for him.

With captain -- would've kept a watchful eye.

Here is where nerd nation fits and.

90% graduation rate not only leaves about pac-12 but the highest of the season.

We'll be back to wrap up this edition of "sportfolio," with words from dr.

J after this.

Gets first folio where ever you are -- sportfolio wherever you are.

? welcome back.

We began the show talking about the timeless appeal of the yankees and yogi berra.

Will close out with hall of famer julius irving.

He stopped by bloomberg and spoke with pimm fox.

Based on your business experience, do have any guidance or thoughts about players like lebron james to their business interest?

Money must be different.

It's a lot different.

The motto is -- all i have to do is play.

Preservation, they have to work really hard at deciding what they are going to do with their money and accountable from a tax perspective.

As savings and investment are perspective.

And what do the blow for the sake of blowing.

I think even the average player can make more the will ever need if he plays his cards right.

And he is prudent in terms of not getting ripped off or throwing it away.

Is forced to much about money now?

-- sports too much about money now?

There are too many conversations about money.

Put the country in the drawer to get to work.

-- contract in the drawer and get to work.

Next week, we pull it out, the media picks it up.

The report everybody's income.

Money, money -- it is an issue.

The guys who have a bad guy -- game and instead of $40 million a year -- he is not an all-star.

His what the highest-paid.

He has his contract because it.

Every time he missed a rebound or a free throw, that's the guy we are paying $4 million to and he should be better.

Put it in the drawer and leave it alone.

That would love for this addition of "sportfolio." our thanks to our guests.

Thank you for watching.

For more "sportfolio "video and more bloomberg sports business coverage, visit our website,

I am rick horrow.

Have a great holiday weekend.

See you next time on "sportfolio." ?

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