Brent Crude, WTI Hit 4-Month Lows

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Nov. 5 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "The Agenda," Tom Keene and Sara Eisen look at trending news stories on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

There's no question when you look at it.

When you talk to francine about the soggy mess, oil is what i am watching.

Brent crude has been a little bit light.

American oil is even lighter.

The price of a gallon of gas is down here it it keeps coming back to that.

Rent crude is the world oil, the european oil where wti is more u.s. oil.

They are just soggy into this november.

You just wonder, first quarter gdp, what it means for job for nation as we get to friday's job reports.

Scarlet, what about you?

And looking to tesla because electric dharmic or will be reporting third-quarter earnings after the markets close.

That is up tenfold from a year earlier.

We look at the share price, when i look at it on my screen, it is a moon shot higher.

Elon musk, founder and ceo, has mentioned a couple of times think the shares might be too high.

He is one of overvaluation, which i find interesting when the ceo says something like that.

What is the message as we go to this important -- they have to deliver on gross margin.

Of course have to call some concerns about the model as fire or rick heitzmann, you have looked at tesla before and you called tesla the apple of its space.

Is the apple of cars.

The users that have it and the drivers of have it inc.

It is a wonderful car, high referral value.

If you want to architect a car from the bottom-up, that is what elon did.

And it is successful.

I'm not sure what it means in terms of stock rise, but over time, people that delight their customers by providing something new and something great, which they tell a friend about, tend to be great products.

Is certainly at the cutting edge of its industry.

The pressure on elon musk to keep moving in that direction?

I think he is trying to do damp expectations.

I think that everybody i know who has one loves it.

I don't have one.

I want one.

Maybe under the christmas tree.

On my agenda -- the christmas tree?

On my agenda this morning is leal brainerd.

She said to be a top contender for the nomination of the federal reserve board.

Why's it so important to my agenda?

Besides a post left by chairman ben bernanke on the federal reserve, there are two other posts that president obama will need to fill.

The speculation is that he will fill one of those with lael brainard.

We see the fed taking shape.

It is interesting to see these people are and what their backgrounds are.

The mix of the stereotype here is governor's -- the archetype -- that is not liable brainard, is it?

What she is known for in the past, lisa last few years is more on the policy side come in the treasury, on the international fund.

She actually worked with janetyellen during those years.

I am curious, rick heitzmann.

There's so much going on in your world.

What is on your agenda right now?

I probably think about what is this next generation of technology companies.

Using the social revolution going on, the facebook, twitter come up interest, instagram.

What is next echo what people are thinking about.

We're seeing a lot of things in healthcare and financial technologies.

Wearable technology, is that part of the healthcare aspect?

That is a separate group.

Nike fuel and fit it did we're seeing a whole next generation of those companies.

I am trying to look a little bit beyond the horizon and what we will be talking about in 2014. were also singing new generation of companies that are public and how different they are behaving as public companies than private companies.

What is your take on that?

I think that post-ipo facebook showed the path of setting expectations and really guiding to hey, we're going to do more mobile.

We're going to be very clear about hey, desktop is not a future.

Desktop is going to be one of the things but mobile is the future.

To look at desktop revenue as you think about expectations.

Let's go over here at mobile and that will surely the future.

I think twitter is doing the same thing.

Rick him a thank you so much.

A traffic per spec it.

The new slow.

Monday started out.

After what we saw late yesterday morning, black, twitter.

Twitter will be pricing its ipo.

In 48 hours -- my head is

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