Breaking Down the Frenzied Holiday Shopping Season

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Dec. 24 (Bloomberg) – Booz and Co. Chief Retail Strategist Thom Blischok discusses electronics and toy sales during this holiday shopping season. He speaks with Betty Liu on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

For the shopper.

We are seeing values like i have never seen before this is the most value trayvon christmas i have ever seen.

Whether it be an for us -- this is the most value-driven christmas i have ever seen.

Whether it he for toys or appliances.

Every shopper has a list.

Thom, where have you gone in your research?


I am in phoenix but i have spent time in new york and philadelphia, d.c. i spend most of my weekends in phoenix.

Where did you see the most frenzied shopping?

At discount retailers?

At walmart, i happens to be very thanksgiving evening.

It was packed.

Same with toys "r" us.

Macy's was wonderfully chaotic on the entire thanksgiving weekend and has been throughout the entire holiday season.

As well as best buy.

You mentioned walmart, you saw people taking advantage of the incredible deal.

30 two inch flatscreen tvs for under $100. were people just shuttling them up?

I saw one lady with seven of them.

She was buying them for her nieces and nephews.

$98 for a 32 inch tv, spectacular.

Spectacular for consumers.

You have got to think that for retailers this is going to be kind of ugly.

It is going to be an interesting holiday season.

Those retailers who have a strong value proposition, they have a strong omni channel presence.

Bricks and mortar, clicks.

They understand how to win with complexity.

Those who do not have that will struggle.

All retailers say they have what you just described.

Who had it?

I have been impressed with best buy and walmart.

I saw a couple weeks after the thanksgiving weekend, some marvelous extensions of the black friday sale process.

Macy's has been good.

There are a broad range of retailers across a lot of segments who have done well in this space.

We will talk in a moment about the impact of social media on gift buying.

Thom, chief retail strategist.

Coming up, a look at how retailers are using social media to drive those sales.

A behind-the-scenes look at the relationship between target and pinterest.

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