Branch Banking Is an Evolving Dinosaur: Rosner

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Dec. 5 (Bloomberg) -- In today’s “This Matters Now,” Josh Rosner, managing director at Graham Fisher & Co., talks with Tom Keene about the future of big and small banks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Let's talk making money.

How grim is it for major banks?

Unless they capture significant new markets at the top line growth will be difficult.

The smallest banks, we are starting to see businesses borrow a little more.

But for the biggest banks, that activity is not really their insides.

You've got markets they've got to capture.

They are trying to take over what was being gse's business, the mortgage business from the gse's. we'll see legislation that essentially tries to him the charters of the gst's to the biggest banks.

That will affect topline.

Maybe -- that is really where they are going.

We are doing that before we actually fixing the shadow banking pieces that are missing.

I spoke with john from wells fargo the other day.

Let me ask you -- is branch baking -- branch banking a dinosaur?

They are dinosaurs but they are dinosaurs that will evolve into something.

I think will end up with a different type of allegiance to our bank overtime as the bigger banks end up having to start disaggregating, focusing more on niche businesses that are core.


For the business -- biggest banks are going elsewhere.

But we made it harder for them with a change in regulation in home host country rules, etc.. dumb question of the day.

Is there a volcker rule in europe?

No, i don't think so.

Why not?

I think there is a discussion of the -- obviously the u.s. is pushing for a homogeneous global approach, but there isn't really -- on their.

How is citi doing?

He has been below the radar?

I think they are executing quietly and executing well and i think they are one of a few that has recognized -- other than wells, which is monoline for all intents and purposes, releasing shareholder value does not necessarily mean growing but reducing yourself into the co--- core businesses.

I had a "surveillance" nightmare, the reading of the entire volcker rule.

Exley do this, they will actually be the entire document.

Note substitute for that.

We are going to digress.

How about this?

Color wars.

Pantone, they make all the colors.

It is not a jewel tone.

They will introduce it.


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