Brady: Boehner Will Bring Senate Bill Up for Vote

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Oct. 16 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. Representative Kevin Brady, a Texas Republican, discusses the U.S. government shutdown and debt-ceiling negotiations with Erik Schatzker on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)

Republican side.

He is a chairman of the joint economic committee.

Congressman, thank you for joining us here on "market makers." the single most important question as you know is whether speaker boehner will bring a senate bill to the floor of the house for an up or down vote including democrats.

Will it happen?

What's the answer is yes.

We think that america needs to pay its debts on time.

-- the answer is yes.

We think that america needs to pay its debts on time.

We need to do it the right way and force hardee's to agree on the issues.

It might not be an agreement between republicans and democrats what we would prefer.

The time where we are, it is important to move this.

I think is important for people to understand exactly what of the chain of events will be.

Would you mind spelling it out?

Let's say that democrats and republicans come to an agreement and agree on the language on a bill that would put off the debt ceiling until early next year am a what happens then?

Well, in these hours and days, really in the senate because it is a senate agreement, they face them hurdles on times.

Unless all senators agree unanimously that this can move forward, it could easily be delayed a number of days, perhaps into the weekend.

I am hopeful that does not happen.

The house can move very quickly.

Let me make one point.

The length of time for both funding the government and the debt ceiling is not as important as the direction it takes us.

Does this agreement move us into a process where we solve the bigger issues so we are not fighting this over and over again?

The budget committee can resolve to big issues, one of them is the sequester and how we fund the government in its priorities.

What will get us there?

If we do make an agreement, aren't we going to be back here three months?

West specifically do we need to do to get in the direction you of?

-- what specifically do we need to do to get in the direction you speak of?

I would dig that the budget committee would work out the issues of the sequester and the discussion on how we fund the government not through c.r.'s, what are the priorities now.

I see the budget committee working that out.

On the debt ceiling, i am a lot less optimistic.

I think we will be back where we are because the president does not want to be serious about how we extended the life of social security and medicare.

My worry is that if he stays the course, i will not negotiate these issues.

That is what i worry that we will be back here in three months.

I don't think that is healthy.

My colleague him and peter cook is also in washington and i would like to bring him into the conversation.

Chairman brady, i want to make sure i understood correctly what you said at the top because it is very newsworthy that you believe that john boehner will bring this to the floor.

Have you actually heard that from the speaker?

Has that decision been made?

Will the house vote on the senate bill first if for no other reason than to expedite this process?

I have not talked to the speaker.

He has made it clear that if an agreement is made in the senate, it will come to a vote in a very timely way.

I don't know that the decision would be made that the house would lead on a senate republican and democrat agreement.

Congressman, what is going to be the reaction from the key party -- the tea party faction if this goes through?

I would imagine that they don't like it or support it.

Clearly, changes to the affordable care act was a high priority going into this.

We are hoping to really and some of the special treatment that lawmakers and the white house get in this as well as repeal some of the taxes within that bill.

We could not unite.

If you don't get 218 in the house, you take whatever the senate gives you.

Does that mean that they could challenge boehner speakership?

That is almost entirely a different issue.

Let's focus on how we meet this debt ceiling deadline and how we reopen the government.

Is a big issue if in fact it goes through and the tea party would not be happy.

How would they react?

It is difficult to say.

House republicans are learning a lesson that without 218 votes, we have very little say in the way the government is run.

Unless we unite behind a smaller government, fixing entitlements, and tax reforms, we will find ourselves in this position too often.

I was left confused i what you said to peter cook.

I would make sure that i understand what you are saying and also that you speak for the republican caucus in the house.

If the senate passes a bill, speaker boehner will bring it to the floor and put it to a full vote of the house.

Such that nancy pelosi can deliver 200 democratic votes and however many republicans want to, they will be able to vote according to their own conscience.

Is that the case?

If that is the case, will the bill passed the house?

I'm not the speaker, i don't represent the whole republican caucus.

I believe that will happen.

That the speaker will bring that agreement to the house floor in a very timely manner.

We think it is important to meet those debt ceiling deadlines as well as reopen the government itself.

Peter cook is going to come back into.


chairman, you are confident it will pass, that vote will pass in the house?

I believe it will, yes sir.

I just wanted to pick up on what stephanie said.

These are tough questions and we are not resolving these issues.

Are you confident that john boehner's grasp of the gavel are strong enough that he can survive any challenge, next year if not sooner and does he have your support?

He has my support.

It is hard to predict the future.

What i know within our conference is that this isn't just issues of leadership, is a followership as well.

This party is not uniting behind our core issues.

As a result, we are all frustrated with our inability to impact this overall agreement.

That is what happens when you don't unite.

I hope this is a lesson we learned.

How many of your colleagues are frustrated?

Let's say a bill comes to the house floor and we certainly hope it does.

How many republicans will support it?

I would not speculate on that.

It will be a vote of conscience in as well as understanding the immediacy of the issue.

I would not want to guess.

You understand why am i asking the question.

You are a member of the whip team, it is your job to help kevin mccarthy count heads.

Will it be a firm majority or will it reflect a deep divide among house republicans?

I don't think that there is any doubt that we have so many independent ideas and voices within the republican party.

We are struggling with these issues.

This will be reflected in the house vote.

I know that we are going to head into this budget conference with the goal of redesigning the sequester and finally funding the government with today's priorities.

We also think that the debt ceiling, common sense changes in the future, we have got to get control in the sustainability of social security and medicare.

We think the time is right for tax reform.

We thank you very much for

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