Bourbon Boom: American Classic’s Modern Day Revival

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Jan. 21 (Bloomberg) -- Ray Isle, Executive Wine Editor at Food & Wine, discusses the new wave of bourbon distillers, including an offering linked to actor John Wayne, on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

It is impressive.

It is a team of between the wayne family and jason woodbridge, a top-level napa valley winemaker and also a huge john wayne fan.

It is going to be good stuff.

Wayne is to one of the most popular movie stars in america.

Every year on the pole, he doesn't ever leave.

Millenials like him.

He is a worldwide brand.

I think it is an interesting play and good bourbon.

It is not out yet.

They're launching it in a month or so.

That whole craft space in distilleries is booming right now.

Whether it is bourbon or beer.

Beer started off the craft brewing or distilling thing and now because they deregulated the process of getting permits for distilleries in many states, there are like 50 -- bourbon doesn't have to be made in bourbon county, kentucky.

Whiskey to be made anywhere.

You can make terrific whiskey in japan.

The centauri people -- $16 billion deal last week were the japanese spirits maker buying beam.

You know my drink.

It is a big deal.

It is interesting.

Centauri needs beam and all the big -- 10 years ago, i felt like was the only guy i knew ordering makers mark.

Now you say -- what is it about bourbon?

It is taken off.

It is taken off in the past couple of years and particularly.

A little bit of the "mad men" effect with the cocktail.

It has grown in popularity both in u.s. and internationally.

Centauri needs something because the japanese market is shrinking.

They want access to beam to hit the u.s. market.

They are a have a relationship in asia and this will help them out in asia.

All of the big distillers are in asia.

That is the sort of golden plates for growth right now.

Isn't one area also female drinkers as well?


What are they doing to appeal to me?

They're doing a lot of flavored whiskeys like cinnamon flavor whiskeys, sweeter whiskeys.

A lot of those are aimed at the female market.

A lot of marketing directly to women.

Cocktails for the whole thing was once an all guy thing and now cocktails -- not just the cosmopolitan or something like that, but across the board brown spirits women are interested in, too.

It is an adjusting sort of shift of demographics.

Interesting to combine -- adam was talking about however but he is buying up everybody and it almost seems like there's nobody among the big layers left to merge.

You're talking about the craft brewers coming up.

Is that the future?

It is a part of the future of the space.

Craft a stiller is still only about 1%. it is small at the moment.

There's a lot of little craft brewers in the number is growing rapidly.

In terms of the big guys, the big ones left are all family owned.

Will they sell?

That is the question.

So far they don't what to sell.

Bacardi is family owned.

They're not selling any time soon.

There are a lot of little guys popping up everywhere.

Like the duke.

You can read all about the new duke bourbon and the upcoming issue of "food and wine" magazine i believe in april.

Thanks for joining us.

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