Boston's Ellsbury in $153M Deal With Yankees

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Dec. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Tom Keene discusses China and baseball with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

He is with me now with his take away.

I imagine you are very conflicted.

Do we talk about china or baseball?

It is economics versus a small.

Two subsets -- subjects near and dear to your heart.


ellsberg going to the yankees.

I am looking for the tracks of your tears.

They are here early in the morning.

She is not gloating much?

It is not a question of gloating.

It is the ability for the yankees to take better care of ballplayers.

It goes back to bathe-something a few years ago.

China is a big eel to me.

Far more important is the optimism we saw moments ago.

I spoke to neil, who strongly reaffirms his optimism and really pushes.

He notices the slowdown in his present quarter.

Far more importantly, this really bodes well for a better than good 2014. we heard the mac lease -- smack lycee this will not change our projections of what the fed will do but i was just looking at futures.

You actually see them coming lower.

The idea that, ok, that is an optimistic number.

Maybe tapering starts sooner.

We love to get fed-centric.

I would suggest to just look at the economy.

The answer is, slowly, it is getting better.

It is engaging a greater number of too few americans.

We all agree.

The question is, is 2014 not a trickle-down year but a year where we finally get some normal away from the normal economy.

I do not know if you heard the report yesterday on education where american teens are slipping into math and science.

There are 3 million jobs every month that cannot be filled by americans because apparently, we do not have good enough math skills.


We are not talking about cap gillis.

We are talking about the ability to think tactically in real time at a relatively menial job.

This is germane to a mid-skilled or low skilled job.

Basic fractions, basic algebra, a sick stuff we are basically failing.

The best, whether you are right or left or whatever you believe, jeffrey sachs, the arch liberal, has a beautiful book which says, wake up, tom keene, it is not the america of 20 or 40 years ago, but a dumber america today.

There are ways to fix it.

A silver lining.

There is an effort to fix it.

It has got a long way to go and is very partitioned in our society.

Good to see you.

If i do not get an 800 on our sat, i will die.

That is part of america.

Thanks for talking baseball even though it might've been painful.

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