Expect Boehner to Bring Senate Bill to Vote: Brady

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Oct. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Rep. Kevin Brady, a Texas Republican, discusses House Speaker John Boehner’s comments that he would bring up a vote in the House if the Senate reaches an agreement to end the debt ceiling debate. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”

Will the house vote on the senate bill first if for no other reason than to expedite this process?

I have not talked to the speaker.

He has made it clear that if an agreement is made in the senate, it will come to a vote in a very timely way.

I don't know that the decision would be made that the house would lead on a senate republican and democrat agreement.

Congressman, what is going to be the reaction from the key party -- the tea party faction if this goes through?

I would imagine that they don't like it or support it.

Clearly, changes to the affordable care act was a high priority going into this.

We are hoping to really and some of the special treatment that lawmakers and the white house get in this as well as repeal some of the taxes within that bill.

We could not unite.

If you don't get 218 in the house, you take whatever the senate gives you.

Does that mean that they could challenge boehner speakership?

That is almost entirely a different issue.

Let's focus on how we meet this debt ceiling deadline and how we reopen the government.

Is a big issue if in fact it goes through and the tea party would not be happy.

How would they react?

It is difficult to say.

House republicans are learning a lesson that without 218 votes, we have very little say in the way the government is run.

Unless we unite behind a smaller government, fixing entitlements, and tax reforms, we will find ourselves in this position too often.

I was left confused i what you said to peter cook.

I would make sure that i understand what you are saying and also that you speak for the republican caucus in the house.

If the senate passes a bill, speaker boehner will bring it to the floor and put it to a full vote of the house.

Such that nancy pelosi can deliver 200 democratic votes and however many republicans want to, they will be able to vote according to their own conscience.

Is that the case?

If that is the case, will the bill passed the house?

I'm not the speaker, i don't represent the whole republican caucus.

I believe that will happen.

That the speaker will bring that agreement to the house floor in

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