Bill Gates Must Come Back to Microsoft: McNamee

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Jan. 9 (Bloomberg) –- Elevation Partners Co-Founder Roger McNamee discusses the Microsoft CEO search with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

What he thinks it can achieve.

One of his big ideas was that rather than -- rather than have someone from the automotive industry or another industry, i think he felt the company needed a strong direction.

Listen to what he had to say.

You need an adult who is a technology person who has spent their career at microsoft.

Microsoft is a very strong, powerful, and frankly, very positive culture -- with a lot of smart people.

And they have not had the right focus point.

You need someone who can look and say, ok, people, this is where we are going.

Give them a focus.

Almost everybody there looking at is a spreadsheet guy.

And i made the mistake of suggesting it could be different people at microsoft.

He looked at me like i was an idiot.

I get that look a lot, but the book -- the look he gave me said, doug, it is bill gates.

-- duh, it is bill gates.

It is bill gates.

I'm sorry, i thought that was the only obvious choice.

He has got to come back for maybe one or two years.

Only bill's approval is going to let that person be successful.

An interesting take from a guy that knows technology and the way that it from companies relate to different companies with microsoft for much of the past two decades at its core.

It's funny.

Many people think that bill gates should not be ceo and should get out of the board room.

That is the strong view of many shareholders as well that he has been the problem and not the solution.

Just think of that, the notion that anyone who is going to do something is going to be carrying bill gates's flag anyway.

The notion that the true leader would be bill gates anyway at the founder and largest shareholder of the company will be there at some level not matter who takes the job.

Anyone have to be someone with just as loud a voice, and there is no one with a louder voice in redmond, washington, then bill gates.

Thank you.

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