Bikini Bootcamp Highlights Wellness Travel Demand

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April 1 (Bloomberg) -- Linden Schaffer, founder and director of Pravassa, and Bloomberg's Carol Massar discuss the benefits of wellness retreats. They speak with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Returned from a yoga retreat.

You have yet to come down from that experience.

I love wellness retreats.

How do you classify a wellness retreat, what is involved?

You're doing things that are physically great for your body.

You are doing exercise.

For me it was a lot of yoga.

I am also swimming and eating healthy food.

That is a change.

It is hard in our narrow -- normal schedules, we do not exercise.

That is what the whole week was about.

Catching the sunrise and then we did some yoga.

This is in mexico.

I want to understand the behind-the-scenes.

You must have people that lead classes, that have to be organized and you have gift shops, who knows.

What goes into the business?

What goes to the -- into the business side is growing.

It is growing at 9.9% per year projected for the next five years.

What goes into wellness travel is a mixture of physical activity, things that hiking and yoga or biking.

On the trips that we leave we are very culturally involved.

Before we leave and get off the ground we are scouting locations.

We are going around the world and meeting locals on the ground in finding out what they do for healthy exercise and healthy eating.

When we go to those countries we are participating in that way as well.

On the costs associated with this kind of travel experience any greater or less than animal vacation when you go and stay in a hotel?

It depends on what you mean by a normal vacation.

We're are talking about wellness travel.

It is in the higher end of the market.

There is not a lot of wellness travel yet on the market.

It is very high in demand and growing.

These special experiences, on our trips we take clients, eight people -- up to 18 people.

There is a premium.

Tell us some of the areas that you go to and have organized these events.

My clients love asia.

That is a big one.

Java as well and indonesia has some amazing activities.


We are scouting india.

They have a lot of wellness rituals that are into their culture.

Places like lieutenant burma.

People are interested and excited.

Mongolia, the gobi desert.

You want to go to the gobi desert?

You told me earlier that i get to see it because you brought it up.

Something called bikini boot camp.

Rex i follow a yoga instructor and at the same place they did something called the bikini boot camp.

I was on my yoga retreat, there were a bunch of folks and it was about getting yourself bikini-ready.

There is core exercises and running on the beach, they are doing yoga.

Then they are eating healthier diet.

You do this for a week or so and then you take that home with you so that you can continue it.

There is things like the sweat lodge.

A what?

The sweat lodge.

This is the ancient mayan ritual and how they get rid of illness and that is something i did.

You are in this kind of a glue and you are sweating it out.

We did things with clay and you are covering yourself.

How off the beaten track are these kinds of experiences?

You talk about the culture but if you're doing classes and eating well and focused on that particular location, does that leave time to go and sample the local culture or the pier mids or whatever?

And our vacation yes.

We have a philosophy.

We try to balance all the activities we offer between the physical activity and the stress reduction which is massage or cultural healing treatments.

You can do cupping.

It is a healing treatment where it is part of a massage where you lie on your stomach on a massage table and they take glass bottles that the light with some fire and they section the back of your body to draw out the toxins and it is a great way to get yourself healthy again.

It was with a shaman and the same thing, they were applying heat to various parts of your body.

How much is room service and what about getting along with the other people on the trip, are these people who know each other before the go or can you accommodate, not everyone has a people are interested.

That is the beauty of what we do.

We really appeal to solo travelers.

We appeal to girlfriend getaways and people who may be -- you may know one person or even an older couple that are looking for a little bit more in venture.

They will join a group of ike minded people.

There is very little disagreement.

Everyone is therefore a great new experience with the culture to stay healthy and take that routine home with them.

And to take what they have learned on their -- on the road and incorporate it into their lives.

I knew absolutely no one on the trip.

And we see them only one year when they go on that retreat again.

That -- what is the biggest demand in terms of the kind of amenities, you mentioned this kind of massage with the bottles.


Food is huge not only for what we do but for all the other wellness retreat places.

People understand that the food is the basis for health in your body.

If you are putting junk into your body you will not function very well.

You will not have the energy to go for a hike or see the sunrise to do something special.

Having that basis of nutrition and understanding what is in your food is big.

For us we offer all kinds of amenities in terms of diet.

If you are gluten-free or vegan.

We had a client who had diabetes.

It was much easier to travel that way.

You mentioned you're going off to columbia.

Jetblue has started direct service to columbia.

Just make that connection, you find airline to our expanding service to the kinds of resort locations that you want to be in and then you say we can start the trip because people are not going to go two or three or four stops.

That is the heart part.

They do not want to spend their vacation time in an airplane.

So yes.

The better the flight connection and destination or if your stopover can be a mini vacation as well.

People are more interested.

And so columbia specifically is -- it takes less time to fly there from new york than jelly.

These are things that are attractive.

It is on the water and it is

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