Biden Conveys U.S. Concern Over China Defense

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Dec. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Tom Keene weighs in on Vice President Joe Biden's trip to Asia. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Was about -- supposed to be about trade.

We are hearing from alix steel about with the yen is doing.

A lot to talk about.

This big derailment if you like.

You see it across stocks, bonds, currencies, and commodities.

You have vice president biden making the asia swing with a lot of tension in the islands and all of that out there.

Then you have north korea this morning where the number two has disappeared.

Far more seriously, you have the ukraine.

Let's be clear.

Most focused on ukraine as part of a set of global tensions which are beginning to slip into the markets.

The government has resisted the vote essentially.

There is an honest to divide between those that a russian centered, eastern centric and those who look more to the west.

The dynamic of the people seems to be more to the west.

I would suggest that the ukraine is always front and center with the european tensions and is just beginning to percolate in the markets.

Especially as winter comes in all of those pipelines of natural gas that flow across the region -- cheap eating for europe.

-- heating for europe.

That is a back story we are to review.

Type lines moving from east to west, heating germany.

Far more important is the international moments that are summed up.

Japan china, north korea, and the ukraine.

How they will seep into the market in the coming days.

We will stay international because he will see a car that is actually illegal to drive in the u.s. are you interested?


mexico is not known for its sports cars.

Two brothers are hoping to change that.

That is what it looks like.

Super speedy.

A very light.

Very easy to turn.

More details on what is going on there.

I think cristina alesci drives that.

That might be her in the driver seat.

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